Monday, January 20, 2014

My Little Repunzel

Have you watched Tangled? Ok..what a silly question. It is eons ago but the movie always grows on me. The character, the is so magical. I never get bored watching it, so Zahra. She loves this version of Repunzel so much and I always wanted to make Repunzel playdress for her but couldn't spare the time, until I read this tutorial from LiEr :-

It looks easy and simple enough to do it in a short time so I decided to give it a go. I tried to find nude or yellowish fleece to make it as close as Repunzel's hair in the movie but couldn't find it..well, I found one at Kamdar but the quality is not that good, so I opt for this brownish color. It's fleece blanket from Tesco actually. Well, it's long and wide enough, so that will do.

Cut about 6 strips

combine all. Fleece won't fray so you don't have to serge it.

Snip some bang

Tadaaaaaa!!! Well, it's a bit loose as the pattern is for older age.
And she's so happy with it. Keep on twirling with the 'long' hair.

I altered it a little bit after that - just add a few cm of hem to make the cap tighter. Anyway, I made this in September 2013 and she still loving it til now. Am so so so happy I made this!

Latest pic with the wig last month. Repunzel is going shopping!

I think I should make costume dresses for her. I can always buy...but it's so exciting to make by myself. Somehow it makes me feel like a superwoman LOL. But I just couldn't fit the time, so I guess I am not a superwoman after all :-)


  1. you are already a superwomen/mom, making time to do all these craft things and let ur kids involved in it as well. :)

  2. Awwww thanks. But I loose the mojo after sending them school because I have this impression ok dah pegi school, do all the activities at school ok. But I forgot, nothing beats doing stuff together with mommy!