Monday, January 6, 2014


I was mad with my daughter because she was uncontrollable and keep on crying and slapped her last night.

I wish I didn't, but I don't know how to control this anger. And as usual, I will feel upset after that. Very upset.

Anyway, I've come to an idea! If I ever feel that way again (to slap, to hit, to get angry, etc), I will slap myself first. To wake up myself and remember, your kids don't like the mom to be a monster.

Grrr..very upset with myself now!


  1. i follow blog u lama dh. tp terpanggil nk komen now, psl ur situation mmg sama dgn i.. and i know most mom out there also the same.

    Always remember this. Most of the time, i think everytime pun.. when things like this happen (tantrum, uncontrolled situation etc).. It's not them actually, they're just kids and do what every other kids will do.. It's normal. It's actually us... Maybe kita ada masalah kt opis ke, masalah lain ke, pms ke.. Etc...

    Seriously, bila i fikir, apa masalah i sebenarnye? Smpai i lost my temper etc.. What is wrong with me? lapar ke? penat ke? huhuhu..

    Bila i start to think like that.. Brlah i ase tenang. And fix my own problem first....

    Just my 2cents. Actually reading it from sumone else. Hehehe...

  2. Salam Siti,

    Thank you soooo much!!! Now I look back and think about it,'s all about us. Actually I stress dia tak sihat and I want her to get well, and eat and sleep and rest. Tapi semua dia tanak ikut sbb dia tak sihat kan. So the problem is, I want it MY WAY. I should be attending her, instead of being kuku besi mcm tu. So end up I was so upset and mad at her.

    Smalam pun dia still a little bit cranky, but I took my time, and think properly and manja2 her, ask her elok2 what she wants, layan2 dia..and dia ok je tak nanges.

    Sedih betul. Menyesal I tampar dia sebelum tu :(

    Anyway tq again for the reminder. Lets do this together! Be the best mom to our kids ;)

  3. Aan,

    Firstly, sian Zahra. Lgpun, dia tak sihat, kan? Tapi fhm jugak situasi Aan. Stress dgn apa yg ada kat sekeliling. Sy fhm sbb kite sama rasa. Kadang tu bila too much, pap jugak sedas kat kaki anak. Sometimes, montot. Pun bila dah terlanjur, menyesal tak sudah.

    Sy sokong komen Siti Fatimah. It's like, muhasabah diri. Apapun, anak tu mengajar kita bersabar kan?

  4. I knowwwwwww Fara uwaaaaa! sobsss. Kesian dia. Feel sooo bad about it.

    And yes, actually they are teaching us! Anak la buat kita belajar kan.. everything little thing.

  5. I've Been like a monster to my kids too lately. Like you, I have a boy n a girl and they're about the same age as urs so I understand that feeling when you can't control urself and do/say things you don't mean. Bila geram tu, mmg the monster in me will not hesitate to come out and bila dia tido n I look at her sleep, I feel so bad. Guilty cuz she's only still a child. But I know, it's hard to control this anger. For me, I belum pernah hit but trust me there r so many times when I wanted to. Instead, I carry her and pretend to lock her in the toilet. That always stops her from crying. Still it's so bad! But I think it's true, most of the time I'm angry it's because I have issues inside that I have to deal with. Like now, maid nak balik for good so I'm stressed out and let it out on my child. So bad!! Can't help it!

  6. Drama Queen, I've done the locking in the toilet/room too! Yes it stops her from crying for a while, then she'll start again, and that's how I lose my control.'s easier to give in and let the anger conquer us right?

    Promise myself no more 'monster' after this!