Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Blah CNY Eve

Finally, I get a space to breathe, and update about the recent CNY celebration.

This is my fourth year celebrating Chinese New Year. It started when we were dating (MrComot's mom is a Chinese). Below is the recap:
  • First year in 2009 where we had 3 yee sang session, at Dong Yi Shun, Sri Ayuthaya and Southsea Subang. Click here. It was also my first time celebrating it in real Chinese house (the grandma's) and I got angpows, despite of married status. Click here.
  • Second year in 2010 I was in confinement. Click here.
  • Third year in 2011, Zahra was about 1y1m old, and had her first red samfoo! Click here.

And this year, the fourth year, we celebrating with little Emir in the house!

How fast time flies..

We started the celebration with CNY eve dinner. My MIL planned for a yee sang session in Hj Shahrin Low Klang, Harbour Place. She had previous dinner there and it was yummilicious but surprisingly our visit was a disappointment. The food was so blah and so the service. We reached quite late (everybody was already there and we missed all the drama) but according to my MIL, bila mintak pinggan because they give pinggan tak cukup, the servant jawab pinggan tak cukup sbb tak cuci, bolehhh?? Apa masalahnya..cuci je la kannnn?

And yee sang pun tak ada! But it was our mistake I guess because don't call up asking about it first. Last year ada, so assume this year pun ada.

So it was a dinnertime only. We had roast duck, steam fish, yam basket, salted egg prawn, vege and lemon chicken. To rub salt in the wound, the so-called house specialty roast duck also not that nice :(

Kesian roast duck tu, banyak tak abes..membazir :(

Had peanut soup and lotus pancake for dessert and surprisingly I like their peanut soup. So creamy nyum!

Zahra running in the restaurant with her pink samfoo! My MIL bought three CNY garment for her this year. She said kenot tahan, they are sooooo cute!

Emir in the surau. We left home before Maghrib, so had Maghrib there. Ada surau baru, cantik and so spacious, so don't worry if you are here. Anyway budak kecik ni kan, sampai-sampai je terus buat job. So pegi toilet and clean him semua. The toilet not so nice :( Old design with cheapo finishing.

A better view of her samfoo.

With her favourite CNY cracker! Deep fried shredded crabstick. We only found this once a year, so she's holding it tight, 'Zahra punya!'.

So, that was the pre-CNY celebration. Gotta update more about this. Mwah!


  1. Giant ada jual crabstick yg dah shred siap2, so u can just goreng.
    I even mix it with egg n onions, then rendam roti mcm roti telur n put the mixture on top of it, jadi roti telur istimewa, hehehe. Sedap!

    Mana gambar lagi 2 of Zahra samfoo? Emir xde special baju ke?

  2. Fiena, is it? Thanks!! Nanti aku cari. Zahra punya next baju in other entries. Emir pun ada!!! Nanti aku update k :D