Friday, February 3, 2012

Just a peep..

Salam everyone..I've been very busy..and still am. Involved in big projects this year, and in the middle of lab and production.

Anyway all of us are in the pinkiest health, just lacking of rest. Cuti pun tak macam cuti. Balik rumah pun cakap pasal kerja with MrComot. Ughhhhh. Don't want to, but have to, sometimes nak mintak opinion la, discuss what happened la. Work work work..

Just a recap of recent event, which I'm gonna blog about it later (if time permits)

- Zahra is 2 months free from prednisolone
- Had awesome CNY and yummy angpows hehe
- Bought new family car, sold old one
- Had a blast outing with my darling girlfriends
- Updates with my little darlings, Zahra and Emir!

Salam Maulidur rasul everyone. Wish you guys a relax and enjoyable holiday! Oh ya..I'm so in love Ustaz Don and have you guys watch his latest video about mencintai rasulullah? I haven't! Plan to watch it this weekend.

Zahra 2 weeks ago, in pajama, admiring wild mushroom in the garden (garden lah sangat!)

Mummy..apa tu? (her current favourite phrase)

It's your favourite vege! But this one tak boleh makan yer.

Again, happy holidays everyone! I miss yakking here!

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  1. Zahra is 2 months free from prednisolone? alhamdulillah, dats a very good news.

    semoga zahra & aan sekeluarga terus sehat dan ceria selalu.comelnya zahra dkt garden =)