Sunday, February 14, 2010

selamat tahun baru cina!

i just upgrade my opera mini to beta 2 n finally get to make post with pictures. but the keyboard still killing me.

anyway, this year i missed the yee sang dinner at southsea. can't wait for my confinement period to end n i want to wallop the succulent clams with cili padi n garlic. come to think i dont think i will pass the confinement that soon bcause i still feel a bit uncomfortable down there n need to find another tukang urut to check on the womb condition. i think my womb still tak kecut properly n summore i eat the jamu quite late, week 3 after giving birth, fearing it will affect zahra since i bf her. getting healed after deliver is harder than delivering itself. so mommies, take good care of urself ok, badan kita ni nak pakai lama n for multipurpose.

oklah..happy chinese new year to all, it's metal tiger right? i would like to quote my boss "semangat like the tiger but dun eat each other". something for us to ponder upon :)

above is zahra all smiley for the readers wishing u guys a wonderful holiday! mwahhhhhhh

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  2. wahhh lama sungguh aku tak bukak blog orang.. aleh aleh dah beranak :) congrats aan :) patut la rasa cam lama tak online ym heheh :D

    ni la akibatnya kalau 1. tukar sistem utk check blog updates 2. busy bee :p

    elena bukan ada maksud jugak ke in arabic....

  3. hehe tu la karlbum, nasib baik ko x masuk blog ni time budak kecik ni dah setahun. i dunno la elena ada ke x in arabic sbb pronounce dia air-lay-na. kalau alina got - means beautiful

  4. if not mistaken kalau nak cari yg arabic cari under ilina... :) aku nyer vocab arab pon dah kecut tak byk dah igt :D

  5. selamat tahun baru cina!takpe aan,cny next year u balas dendam.. :) tk cr & miss u!

  6. comelnya.. cam nak picit2 oipi gebunyer...

  7. Sara,
    cny tahun depan mmg balas dendam, nak collect angpow hehe

    Baby mcm tu kan..kita rasa geram sgt, kadang2 mcm nak gigit. And their skin best sgt, jelesss hehe