Thursday, July 14, 2011

My 18-months biter

Zahra Elena is 18months! But it's 17months according to the ticker. Lebih kurang la hehehe.

She's one fine cheeky and make me happy all the time. Well, maybe not all, but most of the time. I love staring at her while she's sleeping and can you believe that she still co-sleeping with us?? Ahhh so much want to teach her sleep in the cot lah. Actually part of it is my fault as I have no patience to lift her and pat her or whatever and then bring her back into the cot. She's too comfortable snugging with us and want to be next to me all the time. If she doesn't feel me next to her, she will roll roll roll and making some sounds in her sleep.

I forgot to tick her height (later will do, already bought the cute height measurement for her :D) and she's about 9.5kgs now.

Lately she loves to biteeeeeeeeeee and she will bite everywhere especially if it's not covered - direct to your flesh, eg: when you wearing shorts, she will bite your leg but when you wearing jeans, she will attack your arms. Hahaha.
This is her current teeth. She already has the four big molar and can you imagine when she bites me using the molar? Berdesinggg ok. If using the thin front teeth pun berdesing jugak hehe.. depends on where she bites me.

Sometimes I find it cute but sometimes when she went overboard, it's quite irritating and dangerous. She even bites few of the kids in the babysitter's place! Luckily it lasted for few days as the babysitter will jentik her whenever she does that.

At home, when I tried to jentik her, she will laugh it off. And when the daddy jentik her, she will cry. Haihhhh tak takut dengan mommy!

Her favourite songs are twinkle-twinkle little star and itsy bitsy spider. She even dances with the song. For twinkle-twinkle, she will do the blinking stars using her pointer and thumbkin, and for itsy-bitsy spider, she will do the itsy bitsy fingers and put both of her hands on the head at "out came the sun and dried up all the rain", to show shielding the head from the sun. So cute!!!! I tried to record it but whenever I on the recording, she became conscious and stop dancing hehe.

She still calls me Mama! We've tried it so many times,

Zahra, Zahra, nama sape?
Auntie Pijat? --> my sister

Haha I don't know why she calls my sister babat, but that's not fluke, mmg call for real.

Her favourite food still broccoli and tofu!! I want to call her broccoli girl la! Haha. On the weekend, for a quick brunch food, I just sauteed some garlic slices, add tofu, broccoli and then boil it with baby spaghetti (baby pasta is a smart ass invention! nnt I show pic) and a small pinch of salt, yum!! She will wallop it a whole bowl.

Oh ya, she also become a bit aggressive lately but it could be due to the cortisteroid side effects (I'll share about this later in the Nephrotic Syndrome entry). Sometimes she will become easily irritated and temper and quite possessive. If any kid wants to touch her stuff, she will shout "No no no no!" and become angry. And last 2 weeks we went to OU, she grabbed one girl's hair because the girl took her chair in the baby room. Sigh.

I tried my best to teach her it's wrong, but not by pukul or snap her (depends on how bad the situation is). Most of the time, I'll take her hand, look into her eyes, and said "No, don't do that, Zahra good girl. Good girl don't do that". Sometimes terbabas I will pukul sikit her hands, but I notice that she doesn't resort well to violent. If I pukul, lagi dia tak kisah and repeat it. So I have to be very patient and tegur her nicely again and again to make her listen to me. After all she's only a kid. You have to keep repeating. I hope this is really temporary and will be gone once she finished the treatment.

Other than that, Zahra is such a wonderful and clever girl. And also healthy one, except the NS. Stay good and strong yer sayang, mommy loves you so much and happy 18months!

Zahra in the tunnel, at TMC's playroom.

On the swing, singing twinkle-twinkle.


  1. InsyaAllah she will be ok. My SIL alhamdulillah ok so far.

    Take care Aan, dont worry too much, kesian baby dlm perut.

    Setiap org ada drama masing2 kan, huhu.

  2. We also tried 'mommy' wit Raif but he keeps calling me mama so i've surrender to teach him to cll me mommy. Sometimes he does call me mommy but mayb mama is much more easier to call. At that age mmg la cmtu kn. Raif pn dh 21month tp ngada2 dia mmg kdg2 thp tak boleh blah punye. Sy tak mrh dia. Apa yg sy buat sy just ckp sy taknk kwn dia,then pura2 tak lyn. Bila Raif rs sy tak kwn dia he starts to cry, hug me, kiss me and says 'mama...sori'. Lgpn zahra nk dpt adik..she wants the extra attention

  3. Fiena,
    InsyaAllah..hopefully takde side effects :)

    Hehe me pernah buat merajuk jugak...berkesan. Tapi selalunya tend to marah :( Tu la..nak dpt adik, kesian dia, will try to be more patient after this.

    Kannnnnn...tengah nyanyi ngan penuh perasaaannn hehe