Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sugary sweeeeet

One thing that added the joy to the wedding is the custom.

I was told by my mom that they are two common types of wedding in Terengganu (or my village per say),

1) Mengeylang (pronounced as me-nge-le) where all the invitees has to give angpow to the bride and it's according to the current currency state. Last time RM5 is enough but this year is about RM10 minima. RM10 is big to villagers ok.

2) Kenduri doa selamat, where all the invitees can eat for free, literally.

Any wedding ceremony will be defaulted to mengeylang unless u stated it as kenduri doa selamat. So my mom had to tell them like this:

"Mari laa 25hb ni, takde mengele gapo, doa selamat jah" --> tolong translate sendiri ok.

And of course we expect nothing but happy faces. The thing is with this old folks, they feel weird not to bring anything (I bet all of us like that eh?), so instead of money they gave us SUGAR!!

Some of them brought one packet each, some brought two. I still get other presents like tea-set, bedsheet, and angpows but sugar wins all.

Sugar, biscuits, condensed milk and lotsss sugar. Roti pun ada okkk!!

The stack

And that's not the final. I arranged the sugar during the night and tomorrow morning after the wedding my mom showed me another box full of sugar (consist of about 20-30 packets more), so it will be over 100 packets in total!

My house turned into gudang-penyimpanan-gula-secara-haram that nite hahaha.

The sugar is distributed to the families and the helpers. I also took 5 packets by the way. Can start whipping out cookies or muffin any day I guess ;)

Oh ya, the funniest part is, they even wrapped the sugar ok! Some in wrapping paper and some in newspapers. I was giggling with excitement when received the parcel, but buka2, sugar! Hahahaha

Another interesting gift that we received that day is kain batik and kain pelikat.

Part of them

MrComot: Me dari ada sehelai je kain, now dah ada stock utk setahun *grinning*

Both of us not a 'kain person' so we'll wash and keep it in the cupboard, for the guest. So you guys, kalau dtg tidur rumah I, no need to bring any kain ok, got so many already ;)

Oh ya, old folks are cute, don't you think so? =D


  1. same thing happened to my wedding got lots of sugar.... and for the first time ever i got to see a 2kg sugar pack... (never seen them before, slalu beli pon 1kg je)

    and also received lots of kain... my wife even got a few kain for her baju kurung :) not just kain pelikat/kain sarung

  2. Pass several kain pelikat for me? :P

  3. hehe sama la ngan kg kita aan..heheh...

    bleh g jual gula tu kat kedai..dpt duit banyak jugak...

    so pi mai pi mai sama je..tak kasi duit depa bawa gula..hikss

    kain toksah ckp laaaa

    org pantai timur mmg gitu le kot..kannn??

  4. kat sana , pengantin mmg derang sambut betul2..

    teringat me kawen dulu, byk giler dpt kain batik..
    so start la blaja pakai.. nampak ayu, gitu..heheh

  5. Karlbum, I didn't get any 2kg sugar. Wahhh tak pernah tgk! Rugi2, still ada ke nowadays? Want to find it :D

    Asroll, cannnnnn. I'll give one on ur wedding lah..or bday hehe

    Cool, org pantai timur mmg mcm tu. Kelakar pun ada rasanya haha. But ok lah tu kan, tanda kemanisan kut :P

    Aleeya, adat kat sana mmg giler2. Tapi kitaorg byk tak ikut. Wahhhh skrg ni kira kain rasmi la eh, me still kena belaja lagi hehe
    Eh, dah dpt kad belum?

  6. tah tak pernah tgk pon kat pasaraya.. mana ler makcik makcik tu beli..... my wife ckp dia ada waktu shortage gula tu jer :)

    org pantai timur... masih tebal adat ketimuran.... org pantai barat... kebaratan / kedaratan? ekekekek

  7. Karlbum, akan jadi kedaratan kalau culture shock hehehe. Patutnya amik gambar yg 2kg tu :P