Monday, October 13, 2008

The Solemnization Ceremony

Hye peeps!!! How are youuuu???!!

I'm fineee, thank youuuu. Hahaha gila jap.

Hmmm how should I start eh? Oh ya, the akad nikah thingy kan. The solemnization went well, alhamdulillah.

Here is some pictures taken using from my camera (thanks to Fiena!). The proper pictures still in progress and I will share with you guys later ;)

The tempat makan, a day before. Sponsored by one of the family, thanks Auntie Lala!

The bride walking down the aisle (ewahhhhh). Eh, me la kan? :P

Anxiously waiting for the event. Me sitting on over 100 years gold-threaded 'seater'.

Close up of the old lady.

The akad nikah at 1030 am. Tok kadi siap bawak laptop okkkkkk, feeding us with the loooonnnggg ceramah. Sakit pinggang tunggu ish ish ish. Oh ya, MrComot did it with one lafaz only okk *bravo clap clap clap*

The crowd eagerly waiting for the lafadz.

Handing over the mas kahwin (dowry). In a lime green envelope, no gubah-gubah in frame whatsoever. Sempoi tak? :D

Ring exhanging. Nasib baik still muat :P

Me salam-ing with all the ladies after the akad nikah.

The groom looking for who ni? Hmmm while holding my flowers!

The guests.

Us with the colleagues ;)

Right after the ceremony, I received a SMS from Khairiah lalink asking me did I get THE feeling? Honestly, the only thing I remember was, I am soo happy and glad. I am not missing anything am I? Hehehe

And the another truth is, I still can't believe I am a wifey now! Like, seriously? I keep saying to MrComot, "Me am you wifey, and you are my hubby. Betul ke ni?".

I don't know if this feeling is normal. To all wifeys outside, can you please tell me how do you feel during the first few days after the marriage?

And I knowwww mesti semua org tanya where will we be going for honeymoon right? Actually no honeymoon for us this year *sob sob*. We don't really plan for it as it is kinda rushing. There will be another ceremony in Besut, Terengganu on this 25th, then reception in KL on the 1st Nov. God's will, the honeymoon will be in April 2009.

We're still on leave though, lazying around like cats! :D

ps: Thanks to all who coming and sorry to anybody yang kecik hati if I didn't hand the invitation as this ceremony is a small and intimate one, for close families and friends. I admit that we loosely manage this thing and InsyAllah, things will be better for the reception.


  1. :) dah kawen, mcm x percaya kan..?

  2. Congratulations on your wedding :D

    Is it just me or did you have too much ketupat,lemang, dodol, nasi himpit, rendang, tat nenas, almond london dan sirap raya baru² ni? :D

  3. Me tot, pengantin perempuan selalu malu-malu kucing masa akad nikah, but andes proved me wrong.

    Sengih abis all the way go girl!

  4. tahniah aan

    erk..kita pong lupa aan dah kawin..

    oh sungguh tak sangka...

    Tahniah lagi sekali...

  5. Tahniah!

    Semoga kekal berkasih sayang sehingga hujung hayat, dan dikurniakan rezki yang melimpah-limpah. Amin. Amin. Amin.

  6. tahniah2.....=P
    lama sungguh cuti2 ek...
    honeymoon la tu di dalam rumah sendiri
    kuikuikuikui =p

  7. sissss!!! hepi okk for both of you...
    muka mr.comot mcm my colleague gak! hehehe. ada bau bau rambutan kot?
    u look sgt sgt hepiii!!!

  8. sissss!!! hepi okk for both of you...
    muka mr.comot mcm my colleague gak! hehehe. ada bau bau rambutan kot?
    u look sgt sgt hepiii!!!

  9. congrats aan & mr.comot!

    oooh, u r so Mrs.Comot nowww!!!

    Alhamdulillah everything went well :)
    Doa along kalian terus bahagia!!!

  10. i did an short entry about your nikah thinging kat my my blog (takan kat org lain punya blog plak kan?)

    er... so nampak gayanya, baju tido lacey-sexy-meksi ni me bagi 1 nov ni lah ye?

  11. Congratz sis :D

    Wah dah kawen. *winks*

  12. one word.. PENATGILE! :P

  13. A'ah Aleeya, mcm tak percaya. You dulu pun rasa mcm ni ke?

    Asroll thanks. That one you gotta witness with ur own eyes la. Will wear the same outfit for reception nnt :D

    Shani hahaha, me can't control la. But me think the perfect wedding shud be the one that let you be yourself kan? hihihi

    Cool, thanks a lot. Tu laa..dah baper kali bitau ni hehe. Nnt lepas cool down sket, kita sambung swim ok

  14. En Arip, thanks!!! Aminnnnnn :D

    Zul, kalau sorang bos accountant tu nak sponsor honeymoon pegi Genting pun ok, takde la honeymoon dlm umah je lalalalala

    Nur, thanks! Ahahaha mesti la hepi :P Haaa nnt u show me gambar buah pulasan tu, me nak tgk sama ke tak :P

    Along, thanks a lot!! Lonnngg aminnnnnn :D

  15. Thanks Tatty! Me ada comment there. Wahhhhh me ada pressie baju seksi ke? Wahahahahaha me sukaaaa sbb me tak beli any pun hahaha. Thanks Tatty!!!

    DD, thanks..ur turn pulak pas ni hehe

    Bee, thanks a lotttt for your charity (insyaAllah wont be charity :P). Btw, sanggup tak for this 1/11? hehe