Monday, May 19, 2014

My Wonky Pizza

Ok, actually I regret that this post will be about my rant only, sans picture as a proof. Haha. Not that I want to proof anything, but I regret that I didn't take out my phone and snap my pizza, that is wonky but 1000 times better and yummy because I made it myself!! *pat at the shoulder*

Seriously, that's the yummiest pizza I ever had!!! Dang the picture!

So finally in my whole life, I made pizza from scratch. The base and everything. But we are talking about the base people! The base!

I've been tempted to make it myself because

1) order in general pizza (dominos, pizza hut, canadian pizza) is too junky. I don't like them anymore.. always too salty, too flavourful, too junky as in junk food.
2) higher end pizza (italianies, barbera, etc), is yummy..but lets face it, it's expensive and I can't always have it like all the time, like..oh mann I'm bored for dinner, let's order in Italiannies pizza! Well, it kinda weird and I'm not that rich enough
3) frozen base is....kinda ok, but not that ok and it's priced at around 10ringgit for 2 medium base. Ok lah..but not so worth it (comparing to the taste) and I rather have readymade frozen pizza.

So I was thinking, woman, why don't u make your own pizza base!

The thing is, I'm kinda scared, with the kneading and yeast and whatnot..not the process, honestly if I think carefully now, I'm scared if my pizza is blah! LOL!

Hard to admit it you know.

So last night, I faced my fear and measure some flour, brew some yeast with water and sugar, sprinkle some salt, dash some olive oil, knead knead and knead. let it to rest and rise, then knead again. Made some simple topping which is seasoned shredded chicken with pineapple chunk, and pepperoni laden with cheese.

And mannn...the-most-delicious-pizza-ever!

And guess what, my husband siap cakap tiba-tiba, ok so u decide, to buy actifry/airfryer or breadmaker first? Like seriousssllyyy? Because I've been pestering him to buy me breadmaker since I want to make pizza base and bread (typical spendthrift wife symptom) and he said, noooo I don't see we will make bread that often and we can always buy the base and better buy airfryer and suddenly, he changed his mind? Just because my wonky pizza base? LOL!

Oh yeahh..about that wonky pizza.. typically me, I just don't know how to do it, and I don't know how to roll it, so I just pull the dough outside and somehow it doesn't look round, not even squarish, in fact, I don't know what shape is that!! Gagagaga.

And my husband even said, we need to buy pizza pan for our next pizza! I feel like to do the ROFL literally rolling on the floor. wonky pizza and the impact.

Since I don't have the picture to feast your eyes, I'll post the before and after of the dough. Apparently that's the only picture I took that day, because I want to see is the dough really rise up.

And oh ya, the motive I didn't snap the pizza photo is because I am too upset with the shape at first that I refused to save the moment, and after we bite it, we were busy eating that yummy thing and our hands kinda messy so I forget the phone d'oh

No recipe! Because I am not sure if I get it right. But basically it's 2cups flour + pinch of salt + 1tsp olive oil, 200ml warm water + 1tsp sugar + 1 1/4 tsp dry yeast (add to the flour mixture after the yeast mixture is alive - it makes few bubbles then arise to the top of the water, in about 15-20mins). The original recipe is from and I lost the direct url but u can google it up :- resepi pizza salam dua benua :P

I keep on adding the flour until my dough feels right (not sticking, like the melting cheese to my fingers). So I don't know how many cups of flour that I used. Really. And it's normal white flour, not bread flour or self raising one.

Wonky pizza aside, I love this instant pizza from Dr Oetker. It doesn't taste that instant and act as a quick fix on our lazy days. I've been stocking it up but I'm not sure on the nutrition though. But my fav is Spinaci and the spinach taste so yummy even Zahra loves it (and she hates all vege except for broccoli).

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