Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Make Muffin with Ummi Day

Another post about the school activity! Sekolah budak2 tu, active betul bab2 involvement parents which is good actually! We are building up that school and parents relationship.

So they threw this Make Muffin with Ummi Day sempena Mom's Day. Basically it's a day where mommy going to spend the day with the child, involve with their activities and make muffin together! I took full day leave on that day, to be...celebrated! big grin

Cupcakes anyone?


The table setting

Tissue case in cute cupcake shape!

Sprinkles and food coloring
 Talking about the sprinkles, well, making muffin together is not new thing to the kids as we occasionally do this thing at home. So when we reached school that day, Emir saw this table and sprinkles and he screamed excitedly and keep on pointing to the sprinkles and siap ambil nak makan ok! The thing is, that session is for Zahra (they have different session for each age group) and I had to put Emir in the baby's room sebab tanak bagi dia kacau the table setting, apa lagi...menangis meraung la dia wants to be with me. He knows that I'm gonna be at the school and cling to me mcm nak tercabut leher I. Kesian dia *sobs* but kejap je..after a while he do his thing but I still kesian la

Apparatus time. The kids will take whatever apparatus they want one at a time, play with them, pack back and put it to the original place before that another one, and repeat until time's up.

Memory game

Her fav, sewing through the holes using yarn

Ok time for muffin!

Mix flour, egg, milk and oil. Stir them like so...

Some food coloring and lotsa sprinkles

As usual, the pink one will be for her and the blue one for Emir tongue

The after math

Getting ready for performance. Secret performance it seems! Because Zahra tell me nothing about it. Normally she will go out loud telling stuff espc something like this. I'll post the video later!

Before the performance, we had a storybook session about "I love my mommy". Ughh I forgot the link but it's really sweet and I went awwwwww most of the time and Zahra keep on kissing me and say "I love you mummy!". Melt-my-heart. Must be the ambience and spirit made her all cheesy and mushy. As for me, gotta keep my cool aite? raised eyebrows

Craft with mummy
 I thought we already finished after the show but were led to the craft zone to have the craft time with mommy (my fav!).

Decoupage flower vase

Emir came menyibuk! Haha so comel. He keep on looking for me. As for craft time, the space is enough for him to squeeze in and it won't that messy, so welcome aboard!

The best mommy-day-ever!

Tengok tu, mushy sangattttt love struck

Her friends. Cuteness overload!!!

Emir picking up the carrots and peas from Zahra's plate. 

The left one is made by Emir, we didn't attend the his mom's day session because we went back to Terengganu that day. Will blog about it later, insyaAllah!

My first mom's day gift *sobs*

I love you too!

Ohh sorry, last picture! Homemade sushi by one of the teachers. So yummy!! I had loads of this!

Oh my...the playschool is so fun! But somehow watching them doing well at school give me another feeling. How I wish I can spend more time with them. And how I wish I can stay at home (still sending them to school though!) but only half a day and pick them up at noon instead of late evening (sometimes night!!). Sigh.

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