Friday, May 23, 2014

Landed in Kiddy Land

Zahra got a couple of gadgets few months ago (kids nowadays!), given by her auntie. Well, it's supposed to be grand auntie actually because she is actually MrComot's auntie hehehe (but all of his aunties very young at heart!).'s candy floss and popcorn maker!! Awwwwww who doesn't love that cottony melt in your mouth sugary floss? 

And the best part is, the machine comes in sweet baby pink! Whaaaaat! I want one!

Hands on at auntie lala's cave. She is so excited!

Switch in on. There is a heater underneath to heat the plating where it will melt the sugar

The plate will spin and the sugar melt will fly and you have to catch it with a stick. We used coarse sugar, mix with food coloring.

To get this subtle pink floss. Weeeewoooooo it's flying!

Need a lil bit of practice

In soft green color

And why don't we eat it while we ate it. Yum!

Emir is IN too! Included the iPad. Addicted much.

Testing the popcorn maker after that

Just pop in some corn kernels and voila! Perfect for movie night in. But it will be bland, need to explore on adding the flavors winking

The gadget is so so fun! Especially when they are minis. Cuteness overload!! But we don't really have time to explore more after that and both of them stack nicely on my kitchen cabinet raised eyebrows. I plan to make a simple video on that stuff if time permits later, insyaAllah!

Happy weekend everyone!!!

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