Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Good food, Great company ;)

I think I am the friendly type..but surprisingly, I don't have many close friends. Maybe I am not that friendly enough hehe. But there a few friends that I'm sticking to and I love them to bits! Despite the lack of meeting and chit chatting, we know that we'll always be there for each other *sniffles*

So anyway..after long-time-no-see these ladies, we decided to have a short luncheon meeting. It's hard to get everybody as we are heading out own path now, juggling work, family and life. And all of us need to take annual leave for this ok!! Talk about friendship commitment hehe. FYI, annual leave is crucial to me as I need to keep them in hands, with sick kids and emergency what not. But these ladies deserve this privilege too! In a way, I need to unwind my routine and it's always refreshing to meet them ;)

So! We had a nice lunch at Absolute Thai in the Gardens. Our meeting was always Midvalley. Once we met in KLCC but after that changed back to Midvalley because it's the easiest place to be for everybody (with the public transport access). But their place is quite far actually (it's not far for me because I need to send my hubby to office and MV is nearby) and I'm so glad that they willing to make it *sniffles again*

 I've been to Absolute Thai before but with only 2 of us with my hubby, so the order was very minimal. Since this is four of us, we went kinda crazy. Plus my husband doesn't really dig spicy food, so tak best laa berpedasan sorang2 haha.

Starter consist of: Thai fishcake, vege spring rolls, prawn spring rolls and money bag with special sauce. I love everything espc the thai fishcake! It's has bits of lemongrass and equal spiciness. Nyum!

 Fuh fuh fuh! My ultimate fav that day, tom yam with fresh water prawn a.k.a udang galah!!! I love udang galah soooo much, espc the big head! I need to revisit this dish and wallop the whole lot all by myself lol!

Green is a must. Simple stir fried baby kailan with salted fish.

Steam seabass with lime and chilli! Oh myyy..this is yummy too! I've had few version of this dish at various place and most of them almost the same. The key point is, the fish has to be fresh fresh and fresh! And yes, Absolute Thai didn't let us down.

 Only 3 dishes but the portion is big! We were full to the brim. Burpppp~! Alhamdulillah

Glowing mommy-to-be next to me! The baby came out already though! It's a boy! :D

My lovely ladies in my life 

Even though we were full, the luncheon is incomplete without dessert. So we force ourselves to eat this

glutinous rice with sweet mango and coconut milk

Oh myy..looking at these pics make me salivating. The food was good but what make it great is because of the company. I miss my girlfriends already! Thanks ladies, hope to see you guys soon! Maybe we can visit the baby together? ;)

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