Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Handsome Walker

My handsome boy has claimed his two legs!

He starts the walking when MrComot went to Canada and has been walking ever since! No crawling at all. It is so funny to watch, he will carefully take a few steps, then after a meter or so, he feels unsure about the steps, he will sit down, then rest for a while and up and walk, repeat until he reached his destination.

Sangat different dengan Zahra. I am not comparing, it is just interesting to watch how they grow up differently and yes, kids development will never be the same. Every kids have their own pace and style.

Zahra was a bit intimidated and very careful, she still crawls even after she can walk, while Emir walk like a pro, like crawling is never exist in his life.

Anyway he is yet to reach 1year old! He starts walking at 11month 2weeks, quite early I'll say. Another funny thing is, he likes walking while holding pots and the sweeper. If I let him play with the sweeper, he can entertain himself for quite a fair time.

Busy with pots and pans

Busy with the sweeper

Ke hulur ke hilir with penyapu haha

He also has 2 pairs of teeth, two upper incisors and two lower incisors. His lower incisors are small and close while the upper incisors are very big with wide gap.

Can you see the teeth?

At 11 months, he's a very active and 'lasak'! Seriously, now I can say that anak lelaki memang buas hahaha. The situation is so different than when we with Zahra. He loves to climb everywhere including the coffee table, sofas, staircase and soo fast! Just imagine, he cut his gum and lips twice, broke my Corelle cup, tersepit jari kat peti ais, jatuh menjunam ke lantai few times while Zahra, none of this happen. Paling kuat pun jatuh tersembam and jatuh ke belakang, itu pun because of my negligence (like I let her walk on the wet floor, didn't close the bathroom door, etc). Emir ni I dah berjaga-jaga tapi tetapppp incident happen.

Still on breastfeeding and loves the feeding time so much. If I am so tired supervising him, I just pull off my shirt and said "Emirrrrr jom! Ahak hak hak hak" (code sound for milk time) then he'll be happy running towards me to the room. And masa minum will tertonggeng-tonggeng and berpeluh-peluh, the hair will be all wet and he is sooo high macam ambil dadah! hahaha.

I stop making puree for him anymore because he starts to eat whatever babysitter cooks. So far he doesn't have any allergy so, Alhamdulillah...

Still adores his sister so much. Current phase is like to fight for toys. Whatever Zahra choose to hold, he will grab it and both will cry for attention.

Easy to put to sleep and soooo manja, but independent at the same time. Whenever he wakes up and didn't see me next to him, he will slowly go to the door, pull the door (I always open the door a little bit) and will go to the kitchen/hall/toilet to find me. Compared to Zahra, she will just wail on top of her lung, that little diva.

Had few cough and cold...other than that, he is one strong and healthy baby. Mommy loves u sooo much handsome boy!


  1. Comel lah emir with his hair ke depan mcm tu.

  2. Welcome to the club of handling boy, hehehehe. Serious lasak, full battery except when sleep. Lepas ni lari pulakkk, hehehehe

  3. marissa pn jln awal gak..mcm emir..hi handsome emir..meh aunty nak kiss skit..