Thursday, March 8, 2012


I want to watch this movie so bad!

The problem is, both of us are very busy. We hardly have time to sleep, even on the weekend. The migration will be in every Friday night. Already started last week. So Saturday will be gone ting tong, do laundry and stuff. And Sunday is rest day with the kids. Then Monday back to work. The only way to watch movie is by taking annual leave. Tapi nak ambil annual leave pun tak sempat how? MrComot's meeting bersusun paku everyday.

Hmmm...hopefully sempat la tengok. Normally how long they will air a Malay movie? Kalau 2 weeks only memang tak sempat. If 3 weeks most probably we manage to squeeze some space.


  1. Just wait for it to kuar on Astro first. That's what I always do, tu pon kdg2 x sempat gak, huhuhu

  2. well, good luck on that!
    miss your long entry la dear

  3. Fiena,
    Ahh Astro! Almost forgot about it. But nak tengok tv pun xde masa, better ambil cuti and watch at cinema kut.

    Hi! I miss rambling too! Now dah ok sikit, learned few time management frm my friends. Gotta see how life takes me! :D