Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The 4-Months Roller

My handsome boy is 4 months!!! And he rolls by himself a couple of week ago. The first roll was at babysitter's and I didn't manage to witness it until the next 2 days. Balik rumah ada dia terbalik but I was at the kitchen that time.

Even though this is my second child, the bittersweet feeling still linger when watching him rolling. Dah besar anak mummy :)

He also starts to discover his toes and loves pulling it so much.

And play with his saliva which is an indicator for my hair loss :( My hair is all over the place now and I seriously need a very short haircut. Can't stand to see the strands anymore and worse is, caught a few in Emir's mouth! Jangan makan sayang!

Haven't weight him but last month was 5.9kg. Heavier than Zahra as far as I remember.

He still loves to talk (in his language) but I can let him entertain himself for a while now. Tak payah 100% layan dia. But sometimes I miss his eyes when talking to me masa dia 2-3 months dulu. So sweet and longing for mommy. Now dah pandai tak tengok my eyes *mummy merajuk*

Oh ya, he also loves watching our reflection in the mirror. The moment he sees it, he will laugh and babbling non-stop.

Still on breastmilk 100%. Sleep well throughout the night, best case, wakes up in the morning around 6AM for feeding. Ada jugak bangun kul 3AM..but not so often.

Below is couple of Emir's recent pic.

Playing with saliva


Not so much of update, but he's doing well and very healthy baby, minus the cold caught from Zahra. Stay strong baby and grows well! Mommy loves you very much!!!


  1. "..seriously need a very short haircut.."

    akhirnya me ada geng rambut pendek

  2. marissa br boleh pusing..lambat skit dia..ada 1 mlm tu pukul 3pg dia bgn then roll badan dia turun dr tilam main mainan kat sebelah tilam..husband maria ckp maria sepak dia..sbb dia nmpk anak dia main kt lantai..sabau jela

  3. Rena,
    Hehe..kita buat geng bob cut ok :D

    Ahaha ada ke Maria sepak dia. Maria still tido bawah eh? Me pun tido atas lembek kat lantai..senang :P

  4. x sepak..marissa dah rolling sana sini dah..sbb dia nampak mainan sebelah tilam sbb tu dia gerakkan bdn dia..a'ah maria tido kat bwh lg..atas tilam nipis kt ruang tamu lg..haha..