Friday, August 26, 2011

The First and the Last

How's ur raya preparation? Semua orang dah mood raya giler2. Even in the office the production is like 20% only haha. But everything pun ok, and not so many emails to answer.

I'm going to spend my raya in KL again!!!!! Arghhhhh! Last year is because Zahra is too small to travel (edited: and because my brother gotten married, so instead of balik kg on Eid, we balik kg for his wedding :D) and this year is because I'm heavy (worried if I pop earlier) and Zahra is not so well too. Takpe, next year insyaAllah will be in Terengganu yeayy! A place that I can call jkampung. Where everybody will squeeze in the road to balik kampung, eating a lot of traditional food as gathering with the whole family, cousins, aunties, grandmas, makcik2 tua, where you'll ask their name over and over again, because you only talk to them once a year, so confirm tak ingat nama haha. Somehow balik kampung give a sense of thrill and happiness as it only happens like once a year hehe.

Talking about raya, I do NOTHING in preparation. Part of it because both of us were too busy and with Zahra condition lagi, takde mood nak raya. Then the spirit also not enough because we will be spending our time here. Not much of different than normal days, only will be visiting the families. Both of us didn't buy any baju raya, I have a couple of new dress, that's all. I bought Zahra one baju kurung though, itu pun kat Giant KD, kat bazaar tu la. Itu pun color ntah apa-apa.

The house also in a mess. We already arrange for cleaners to come tomorrow. But it's nothing much pun, they will clean the toilets, vacuum and mop the house. The mess will always be there hahaha.

Anyway, since Ramadhan is approaching it ends, I just want to spill something... I haven't cook a single meal for buka puasa this year except for last weekend! Hahaha. Ok, that will break the record. Masak la jugak kan sekali :P

We break the fast every day at PIL so ok la tak masak kan. There were a few days wheren my MIL didn't cook, but still.. we just bought from pasar ramadhan. But last weekend I was like, OK semangat nak masak ni. Plus my sister is in the house, senang sikit boleh tolong sana sini.

It's the first meal I cook and most probably will be the last for this Ramadhan. So, going to brag with pictures even though it's nothing much :P

Buka puasa with fruits - cherries, watermelon and persimmons. I've been trained to break fast like this, with fruits or light meal like kuih first, do the prayer then baru makan nasi.

Followed by the complete dinner. Daging masak hitam, grilled cencaru sumbat belah belakang and sayur bayam tumis air. Yum!!!

Even though it's normal simple food, it's so yummy!!!!! I tend to over buy if going to param and dah la the taste ala-ala je. Sometimes sedap sometimes errrr....don't even want to eat it. And I never bought cencaru in my whole life and was surprised how cheap it can be. For the big 3 fish, only RM2.70!!! Just imagine if I bought the ready made one..dah la tak confirm on the hygiene. That is the most important part.

I plan to cook more after this. After raya I mean, err..after babyG pop out lagi realistic kut? Hehehe. Because I'll have one more month before due date and the will be in confinement and all :P

And ahhh..Ramadhan going to leave us :(

I am so sad because I barely do anything more than normal days. I'm just too tired after breaking the fast. Siap2 kan Zahra tidur and dengan2 I sekali tidur. Tu pun sometimes I fell asleep faster than her, she will be latching on me and don't know when she stop. Tried to bangun malam doing the ibadah and only a few times managed. Other than that mmg tunggu MrComot kejutkan I sahur, where everything is already readied for me. kejap..readied Zahra and all, rush to work. Sigh. I really wish I can do more. It's a total loss for me. Hopefully dipanjangkan umur for next Ramadhan, in the mean time, even Ramadhan is over, I'll try to be a better person each day.

So selamat hari raya everyone! Maaf Zahir Batin and hope you have a blast holiday! Most of us will be on 1 week leave kan.. and that's a big wooohoooo!


  1. Ohh aan sy pn sekapal dgn awk. Cite2 tggi tp byk yg xbuat bulan ramadhan ni. Sedey sgt2.

    Btw...selamat hr ry. Hug n kisses for zahra

  2. Salam Aidilfitri. Be the best, ikut kemampuan.


  3. Fitri,
    Moga2 kita dipanjangkan umur for next ramadhan. Nanti kita semangat balik k! :D

    Mommy Fara,
    Tu la..harap2 next year stronger :) Selamat hari raya even it's a bit late! :D