Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Golden Melon

I am a sucker for fruits. Everytime I cross by a fruit stall, my eyes will light up with excitement and I always tend to buy a lot of fruits just to keep them close by me haha. The thing is, I don't eat fruits that much, I love fruits but I have another habit - will simpan menda yg sayang, in the end it has to go into the dustbin. Slowly trying to scrap this bad habit ;)

I prefer to buy my fruits stock from night market because it's cheaper there, but there only stock famous-consume type of fruits. Then I discovered the SS2 night market (it's a chinese night market) and they have a bit out-of-ordinary-seasonal fruits like cherries and korean strawberries. Then I found MBG (it's in almost in every mall) but I normally don't buy anything from there because I find it's too expensive. Then when I frequent MBG (just drop by, still not buying anything hehe), I noticed they also become cheap when it's very seasonal like last time, the Falan Mango or known as King Thai Mango (it's the type yg crunchy with creamy taste, some people call it mangga apple) and selling at RM10 per 3 kilos! It's the same with pasar malam, and minus the hassle/crowd! So starting from there, I always check out what MBG has to offer.

Ok, enough about my obsession with fruits stall hehe.

I found this Golden Melon in MBG The Curve few weeks ago. Didn't plan to buy it, actually I was scouting for some Falan Mango and Korean Strawberry, but it's no more available (oh ya, I just know that Korean strawberries are only in April-May and end of the year) and was feeling a bit down because I want my fruits!!! That was when I saw this yummylicious Golden Melon. I never had any Golden Melon before and tempted to try it, was contemplating before because I never have expensive melon's priced at RM20 per one melon and I don't know if I will like it. But selagi tak cuba tak tahu kan, so I haul it to the home in the end hehe.

Look at golden color. So yummy!

Another temptation, pesticide free hehe...

Taste wise, pretty much like honeydew, only a few level of sweetness, that the first time I thought I almost poisoned with the fruktosa hehe. Texture wise, also like honeydew, only firmer, and a bit crunchy, but rock melon is crunchier. The skin is very thin compared to honeydew that you don't have to throw a thick flesh of the fruit. When I cut a honeydew, I always has to discard the bottom flesh because it's a bit bitter. This golden melon also very juicy that the juice keep on dripping out of your finger. Yum!

The thin skin

When halved

I chunked only half of it (it serves a big tupperware) and keep the other half in fridge plastic bag. A tip from my mom, scoop out the whole seed and fibre thing in the middle before you keep it in the fridge to maintain its freshness and avoid mushy-stale taste.

Not to forget a pic of Zahra Elena enjoying the fruit! I purposely put the other half for size comparison. Quite a big melon.

Anyway, I won't buy it on the future because I prefer rock melon's texture. Crunch crunch crunch! And it's less sweet than this melon. But if you love honeydew-taste-like, with extra sweetness and juiciness, this is the perfect choice!


  1. Wah! Zahra happy dpt mkn melon! Saya suka melon yang rasa dia seperti honeydew. Yummeh! Mahal ye? Sebiji RM20. Mengingatkan saya pada durian =)

  2. Tu me pun macam mahal. Me rather buy honeydew :)