Monday, January 4, 2010

The Sweet New Year

Hi all,

Happy 2010!!!!

How are you guys doing so far? With the resolutionssss and all hehehe..

We didn't celebrate much this year (as if we did previously, duh~~), but we went to the Curve on 31st evening only to find out that they are having this big concert with a lot of prominent artists!

MrComot: Kalau you tak preggy me dah ajak u stay to watch the fireworks

Haha..seriously, I don't have that energy to join the crowd la. Terberanak kang.. We were out from the Curve right before the rush, around 6PM.

Jaclyn Victor rehearsing

Other thing also changed since I'm heavily pregnant, we didn't host MrComot's ritual BBQ party (he's been doing this every year before married to me). But I think the other fellas also not that available that day since nobody 'kepochi' about it.

Since we only have each other that night and nothing in the freezer for dinner and both are to lazy to go out, I decided to whip out a simple pancake recipe taken from here - Pinkstilettos. I made half of the batter by the way. Again, this is my first time doing it and it's super easy, so I highly recommend this mix.

It's more or less like making a 'lempeng' only that, lempeng is very traditional, only flour + water + egg + salt whilst this mat salleh recipe have to add milk and oil. Since it's easy peasy, I don't have any tips to share only that be careful not to burn it!!

Like we did on the first pancake haha

The other pancakes turn out beautiful

Our new stock (this is why we went to Curve previously, just to get this!) - choc chip, nutty coconut, belgium choc cake, and rum & raisins. The Curve outlet has limited choices by the way, I'm still waiting for baseball nut and love potion :(

MrComot's - he 'design' this himself ok. We have this competition, whose pancake look nicer, boleh? If u notice, siap ada cherry toinggg sebijik on the smaller pancake hahaha. He's not a fan of cherries, but for the sake of photographing..sabar jer la.

Mine, stacked with lotsa berries and cherries.

MrComot was so funny ok. He refused my snapshot because he said I made his pancake look ugly. Eeiiiii.... so I let him taking all the shots and you should see him - with acrobatic positions to snap his pancake :P

So whose is nicer? :P

We had this in front of the TV watching channel-to-channel. We planned to eat Maggie mee if still hungry afterwards but surprisingly, the pancake is really fulfilling. Too bad we didn't have honey in hand, I can have it on its own without the choc sauce and icecream.

So that will be our new year celebration this year.

Talking about this I remember that I never really have resolution for the previous years because I don't see the point of having it (and not achieving it lalala) but I have ONE this year!

I determine to cook more in order to save more so that I can have more savings and use the money, hmmm for a lot of leisure thing! Yeayy! Can't wait to do this, semangat ni hehehe

Oh ya, other than material thing, I want to be a better person, spiritually but that one goes without saying I guess.

So what's urs?

Wishing you guys a great year ahead and enjoy ur life to bits ok! Mwahhhhhhhhhh


  1. yang, rum&raisin tu, erm, bukan alcoholic ker?

  2. dr weekend lg me nk mkn pancake.
    tp x kesampaian.tgok kt blog je la...

    happy new year to aan& mr comot& baby... :) semoga 2010 akn lebih bahagia dgn kehadiran org baru

  3. Yan,
    Actually it depends on the store, in UK got real rum but most of the location is only flavoured including Msia (ref:, Anyway this is my 1st time purchased it, hopefully betul lahh 'kosher' ;)

  4. Sara,
    Tenkiu so much, same wishes goes to u. Hopefully 2010 you pulak akan dapat org ketiga, aminnn :)

  5. me vote mr.comot punye design. lalalalaa...

    btw..giler chantek ok u punye pancake (not the deco thingy :P)

    tolong tunjuk ajar ye nanti. me nak buat mcm yg putih2 gebu tu. not the 1st one.

  6. salam aan;
    lama tak komen blog kamu, asek laa membaca saja :)

    hmmm dulu ada akak nih, ex staff BR, lama gak dia keje sana, dia penah cakap kat kiter "semua kat BR kita boleh makan kecuali satu tuh, rum n raisin..." haa tuh kata dia la yer.

    kiter baru habis kursus 4bulan bout 'pensijilan halal' under Jakim, and ada belajar tentang kosher, dulu ingat kosher=halal. or at least they will be lebih kurang sama.

    tapi tak sama banyak la aan.. hmm...

    ok aan, jaga diri jaga baby oke. tak sabar nak tunggu baby aan, mesti rupa dia ada iras2 cina/jepun, hehehe..

  7. Hi Alis,
    Ye ke? Hmmm I search online byk blogs say siap ada cert Halal. Nevermind, so far tak makan lagi and I'll keep it first, in the mean time I'll investigate about it as well and share the outcome in this blog later :)

  8. ohh my God, ur plate win hands down okkkk!!! coz urs ada bykkkkkkkk cherries & likkeeeee! *apa kes kena buat word pjg2 mcm tu??*

    anyway, me so gonna try the pancake recipe. plus me pun ada whipped crm & choc syrup sitting in the fridge waiting to expire.

  9. xsabar nk tunggu habis pantang nak serbu baskin robbins..hehe..;)

  10. Bee,
    MrComot cakap unfair u like mine because of the berries only, his is nicer hahahaha. Whipped cream and honey so seductive babe, buat for ur MrVamp :P

    Hehehe ada orang setahunn tau pantang tak makan ais :P