Thursday, December 17, 2009

36-weeks mommy

Hi darlingsss.. How are you? Hopefully everybody is in the pinkiest health :D

As usual, I had my Tuesday checkup with Dr Zana. I am at 36 weeks now and according to the scan, my baby already engaged!!! Doc said I can deliver any time by now..waaaaaa! I haven't pack my hospital bag yet, and if possible, I want my baby to be January baby. So baby, stay in there first ok, don't be restless to see the world. Nothing fancy outside except your mommy and daddy hahahaha.. Dr Zana also remind me to count on baby movement, it has to be more than 10 times within 12 hours, if lesser than that I have to go to the nearest hospital, baby could be stuck with the umbilical cord.

Ok other than that I think I'm doing pretty well. My weight is according to the chart, at 59kgs now. However, I have to do MOGTT (oral glucose test) next week (with Dr Fidak) as previously she said my baby is a bit biggish (Dr Fidak sendiri use that term, very funny). Hopefully nothing serious, I don't want to have that gestational diabetic. I already watch my diet, more vege and fruits instead of rice.

On my body changes, I feel heavier than ever, and harder to sleep because I still can't get the best position. I keep on tossing around until I drained myself and doze off. Sometimes I can't really walk after stay in one position for long (eg: nak turun kereta, nak bangun from chair) because I will feel so sengal at the bones and muscle. And I always find myself out of breath if I climb a few steps of stairs. MrComot keep on teasing me as Mommy Penguin!! Eeeeiii geram but rasa mcm comel jugak haha.

My constipation already went away. I think because my colon generating good environment now, after months of eating fruits. I have 2 types of fruits every morning and evening.

This is what I'm having for my breakfast/snack today. MrComot cut a whole organic dragon fruit and two persimmons.

I still popping in my Obimin, calcium pills and Anmum. That's all what I'm taking now. Oh ya, the stretch mark is ridiculously hideous! Even though I didn't scratch my belly, they happily formed themselves all the way around my belly like a belt! As I said before, I just found out that it is depending on one's skin. So, expensive oil or whatever-stretch-mark-cream won't really help actually. It only helps to reduce the itchiness. But the doc said the color will fade or turn into pinkish/whitish scar. I think it'll be cute.

I used to feel uneasiness everytime I see the stretch mark, but after a while I am okay with it. If men can be so proud of their sports injury scar, why can't we be proud of ours right? We are carrying a human inside for 9 months!!! Haahh tell me if you can beat that wahai sang lelaki :P

Oh ya, I also start to developing varicose veins. But it is an off and on thing. If I heighten my feet like for half an hour (with stockings on) every day, I notice that the varicose thingy disappeared. It will come again by the way after a few days, so I have to keep on doing it.

This is the latest pic, taken yesterday. I know from the pic I look 'tak besar' but I do okkk! I really look like mommy penguin, even my friends said I look so round.

Hmm what else? I think all I have to do now is wait and be prepared, mentally and physically. I'm pretty sure that I want to have normal delivery, without epidurial but we'll see how I take it later ok. Kalau dilate lambat sangat and the pain is unbearable, I'll give it a shot lah.

To all mommies, get ready ok, there will be pre&post natal blues. So daddies, support your wife ok. Don't be a jerk haha. InsyaAllah all of us will deliver healthy and beautiful baby, aminnnnnn...


  1. selamat melahirkan baby ok..bykkan mmbaca doa nabi yunus..i'allah dipermudahkan urusannya..;)

    ok tgcare dear

  2. gud luck..doa sama2 maria lak suka dok dlm perut dah die takdek tanda2 nak kuar lagi..oh tidak..

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  4. erm...kalau awal make sure ianya 28/12

    so bole sambut dgn uncle zul sekali..hehehe

    mg dpermudahkan urusannya

    do inform k nanti!!

  5. Aan!!! Aku x sempat jumpa ko n see how preggie u r.. huhuh.
    Camne nih? Sorry beb, this month aku byk balik Penang.. huhuhu
    I pray that u will deliver a healthy baby without epidural.. hehehe
    take care beb

  6. BB,
    Amin...thanks dear :)

    Thanks. Hopefully u pun deliver senang je nnt. Sama2 la kita doa. Pss..lambat takpe..jgn awal sgt hehe

    Jommmm coffee bean pls. Last doses of coffee before deliver hehe

  7. Uncle Zul,
    28 awal sangat laaaaa :P InsyaAllah dipermudahkan..thanks :)

    Tu la pasal, kata nak jemput tgk rumah ish ish ish. Dun worry, aku confine kat sini je tau hehehe