Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dinner is not all about food you know ;)

We had a fantabulous get-together-dinner last week where involving lots of experiments in cooking! :D

If you know me, you will also know that I am not a cook. In fact, I categorized myself in can't-cook-crowd. I don't deny that my upbringing didn't include cooking. I was away most of the time to boarding school, then matriculation, then university and didn't bother to learn cooking. When I come home for holiday, it was my mom who always whip out the dishes and I don't feel guilty of it, nor ashamed. I know I'm spoilt.

Btw, I break my own record after 26 years, I cook for people! (Husband tak kira lah ye). And it is indeed a BERANI-MATI-ACT. And the best part is, I cook something that I never cook before. Memang berani mati lah!

The story started when my dear friend, Polt is coming down to KL and his lovely junior which happen to be my friend also suggest that we eat together-together. Ok so fine, we eat together. Then she comes up with this brilliant idea about me cooking for the get-together thing.

At first I was like, haaaaaaaaaaa?

But somehow, I found the idea is intriguing. I know it's crazy. The paling-hebat thing I ever do pun is hot tea. And ya..sunquick. But drinks is not inclusive right?

But yes, in the end I finally show off my skill (the berani mati skill lah, not the cooking skill ;P) and luckily nobody admitted to hospital. And did I tell you it is purely from scratch? :D

It's a bit challenging as we were working during the day and started to roll up our sleeve at 6PM, finish everything around 9PM!

To me, it's excellent for a start! EXCELLENT ok!! Hehe. Btw, since I was soo busy bersilat the dapur with my hubby, I didn't manage to capture many pictures ;(

My chicken going into the oven

That's the last picture I managed to snap, then terus potong bawang la, fry some vege la, chop this and that..

The menu that night was ayam bakar, tomyam udang galah, fried french beans with garlic, fried oyster mushroom and telur dadar. I also manage to prepare ribena longan! YUM!

I can safely say the ayam bakar is a success and kid you not, it's my very 1st time doing it! I know I keep telling you this (the first time thingy) but I am too excited and not bothered that I am repeating :P

MrComot says it is YUMMY! So I consider it success ya! I wish I can share with you guys the recipe but unfortunately I don't have the specific measurements as all I do is campak2 but basically this is what you need for that ayam bakar;

Chilli paste (a lot! blended from the dried chilli), big onions (I use two), some ginger, lots of shallots, 2 cloves of garlic, some salt and sugar to taste. Marinate it and grill.

The tomyam is a success too as I didn't use any instant paste and according to them, it do taste like a tomyam! I feel like giggling..I am happy, that's all :P

MrComot did the french beans with garlic and then I fry some mushroom, it's a tad mealy though ;(

And I also bake some muffin!!!!

It's suka-suka hati punya recipe but I would like to call it coconut heaven with scattered choc chips hahahaha. I use this as the base and replace raspberry and white choc with coconut and normal choc chips.

Taste-wise, PASS! But it's not a success as it's a bit hard to me ;(

So I'm not going to paste the recipe here. Maybe you can try the original version at your own risk. We had this little discussion on why my muffin is hard, it could probably because the type of butter and its amount. So I'm going to bake this again, with different butter and add it a bit more. I will share with you guys if it turn out fine :)

So thanks to all the lovelies who came for the dinner that night and eat without any complaint :P Thanks to Shani for the del.ici.ous potato salad! Thanks to Khairiah for snapping pictures, thanks to Polt for reading my comic and thanks to Bee for bringing nothing. Hey!! Jumpa you pun dah best sgt okkk! :P

Ps: Since we are near, expect me to crash your house pulak ok. I wannt food!! Like those days! :D

And not to forget, thanks for the CHOCOLATES!!!

Our fridge is violated with choices you know ;)

Thanks darlings
!!!! That's the best gift, ever! I have to restraint myself from buying anymore chocs. I also have some Rocher, Cloud9, Cadbury and Pistachio Lindt in other compartment. Feels like living in chocolate factory already :D

Maybe I can organize another dinner again, once my chocolate stock finish hehehe

Ps: More pictures and stories on the dinner can be retireved here ;)
Pss: Thanks Lalink Khairiah, MrLampard, Bee, Shani, Hubby-to-be, Polt and also my hubby, MrComot for being a good guinea pig that night ;)
Psss: A good companion will make a good dinner ;)


  1. Ye, nanti jangan segan nak buat lagi tau!

    Me nak pasta next time :)
    (ini wishlist)

  2. wah wah..
    x ajak sis pun makan2 eh.. :p

    me tak reti sgt wat tomyam.. :( always rely on paste in those packets u can easily get at the store .. huwaaa.. mgkin sebab tak slalu mencuba..bila tak confident, last2 amik jugak paste tu buat perasa..

    hehe takpe nx time me try buat la sendiri..

  3. lalink..
    aiyoo..potato salad tu shani wat ke?
    alamak. me tak bagi warm-greeting-appreciation pun to her. me thot u yang wat.

    shani..pandai laa u wat potato salad :D

    err..mrs.hafiz, lets have cooking class at aan's house. dia pandai masak tomyam guna rempah handmade ok. me pun kagum.

  4. The French Bean is excellent. Ada 2 pinggan - yg satu pinggan i ate almost 3/4 of it and ingat nak habiskan before Mr Comot habiskan dulu! :P Muffin me tak rasa, but yg lain sedap ble tahan.

    Buat weekend bagus, lg2 kalau ada projector and tgk movie heheehe

    Lg satu, your comics tu sume cume sesuai buat bantal utk tido jek. Ekeke.

    Apasal tak keluarkan cokelat tu?


    -Mr Polt

  5. Shani, next will be western, me plan to do roasted whole chicken! cita2 tinggi sgt hehe

    Aleeya, me pun tak sangka jadi ok and surprising it's easy! Tapi kalau paste tu easier la kan hehe

    Lalink, tak payah bawak apa2's not pot luck. A'ah sedapp potato salad tu, me pun dah mintak resepi tapi mana ni tak dpt2 ni Shani :D

    Polt, coklat solely for me okkkkk! Nak buat weekend, u yg tak avail :P

    Betul tu cakap Khairiah, sila update blog anda ok :P

  6. Senang sangat recipenya.

    Capsicum 2 biji & Bawang besar 1, dihiris & tos dgn air panas, campurkan dgn 4-5 sudu besar mayonaise (atau sesedap rasa) dan biarkan seketika dalam fridge.

    Rebus 6 biji kentang sederhana sampai masak (around 20-30mins). Potong dadu dan gaulkan dengan campuran di atas~

    Selamat mencuba ^_^

  7. Thanks dear, me dah bagi kat Radin as well hehe

  8. weh.. coklat aku kasi tu pun belum disentuh lagi?? hahhaa.. makan sblm date due tau.. haha..

    waaa... ala.. aku tak dpt la nak merasa masakan ko aritu.. maybe next time aku kena insist ko masak bila aku singgah lagi :P~

  9. what??? my comment wasnt published??!! damn blogspot. haruss me retype..sshish.

    thank u for the very lovely dinner lalink, my mouth and tummy had great time makan and gelak2 with everybody (except Polt sb dia tetiba pemalu kan). anyway, me make sure next time me will bring smthg else other than me lenggang kangkung self (:P) and me will wear the silk flowy2 andes type blouse tu sekali okeh. special tak? hahaha.

  10. Azleena, coklat tu dah makan sikit, but soo sayangg kotak tu cantik hehehe. Thanks for the token ya. Next time wajib singgah! :D

    Bee, u have to copy paste kalau nak type panjang2, sbb blogspot pun kadang2 bengong (but not as bad as blogdrive haha). wasn't a pot luck la lalink, no worry about that and yes please wear the blouse ok me so tak puas hati :P