Monday, November 10, 2008

Say Cheeeeseeee

Finally! After a month married to each other, I cook on last Sunday okkkk! Shabbbaaass bette!! *patting at myself*

It is a simple macaroni and cheese by the way hahaha. Whatever it is, I am sooo proud of myself lalalala

Original recipe came from wanderingchopstick, I did altered here and there, so babes, please put on your apron and lets whipping out this cheeezyyyy meal.

The ingredients

1 whole cheddar cheese (about 9 oz)
250g peeled fresh prawns
1 stick of butter (I think about 20g)
1 whope pack of white button mushroom
1 1/2 cup of milk (I use low fat dutch lady)
500g macaroni
4 cloves of garlic
a pinch of salt

Melt butter and sautee the garlic. Add flour to thicken the sauce.

Then the sliced mushrooms.

Then the prawns. Btw, I might did a small mistake here. I think it is better to cook the prawn after melting the cheese so that it won't be overcooked.

Add the milk and let it simmer for a while.

While it is cooking, grate your cheese. You can buy the readily grated but I don't know what is the difference. But don't dump the whole block lah..nnt susah nak melt.

Melted and thicken! Oh ya, don't forget to add salt to taste. While at this, make sure your macaroni is ready.

Pour the macaroni and mix them all throughly.

Done on macaroni side. Since we don't have vegetables, I just blanched some greens as below:

Boil brocolli and carrots with a pinch of salt to seal the freshness. Oh ya, before boil kan, soak the vege in water and salt first, to bring out all the insects ke apa ke.

Just blanch it for few mins then quickly toss it and soak in iced water, to keep the crunchiness. Wahhh over tak? Kalau ada kids, confirm tak buat ni, takde masa okkkk.

Toss it well. Then sprinkle some salt and ground blackpepper.

And voila! Our official lunch and dinner that day :D

Healthy is it? And nyum nyum!

This one double NYUM! hehehe

So what do you think? Dah pass kan jadi wifey? :P



  2. Bila nak buat house warming party? pot luck la. awak sediakan air jer...

    btw, mana beli mangkuk cawan tu? cantik ah!

  3. wah blh tiru ni resepinya..hehe..

  4. Hehe boleh Mielia, harap2 tak keracunan dah la :P

    BB, nampak je tu haha, gamba mesti cun :P

    Tatty, insyaAllah ada housewarming, tapi semua org duk atas lantai dulu la. Mangkuk cawan tu me dpt free masa beli fridge. Comei kan? Tapi dia bagi utk 2 org je. Kalau 8 set ke best la sket hehe

    Maria, try la..simple and setapppp

  5. we want housewarming!
    we want housewarming!

    *sambil hentak-hentak kaki*

    nyummmy...tapi udang tu kecik-kecik sangat laa..amik la bapak udang
    *mati laa tak bersyukur*

  6. aan, atas lantai pun atas lantai la.
    me dulu masuk rumah pun kosong jer.
    now dah 5 tahun, semak giler ah. macam kedai antik nak bankrupt!

  7. Lalink, housewarming ni me kena fikir ni nak ajak u ke tak, sbb demand sangat hahaha. Mesti la me ajak, kalau tak sape nak hiburkan me kan? kan? :P

    Anyway mmg me nak beli udang besar sket but itu je yg ada :(

    Hahaha tatty boleh buat garage sale ni. Dah duduk umah mmg confirm teringin nak beli barang itu ini kan