Monday, September 8, 2014

Thomas, I heart you!

Emir loves Thomas the Tank very much. I don't know what starts it, or how it's started as we never introduce him to Thomas, or train. But somehow he picks it, and stuck with it. Compared to Zahra, she basically loves everything princessy and girlish, but nothing very specific.

Since Emir still in baby talk phase, we don't really know what he wants or what he loves. But one day, MrComot's aunt gave him Belle (from Thomas train collection) and he loving it so much and keep on playing it. So starting from there we adding trains to his collection time to time.

And from zero knowledge about Thomas and the gang, now we know like almost everything. Like each train have their own name and function, like Gordon, Murdoch, Whiff, Henry and some even look the same except they carry different tank number. Thomas is No 1 of course. The funny thing is, I hardly can differentiate the trains (to my defense, most of them have similar face features and colors!) but Emir can distinguish them well! He didn't say the name out loud since he's not talking yet, but when I call out the name of each train, he will point out the right one. Each time! Wow..don't under estimate your toddler even though he can't talk yet and seems to be in his own world most of the time (well, another entry about that later).

Ok, so apparently his fascination with trains has taken up to another level.

One evening when I picked up the kids, the teacher told an interesting story:

Aunty M: Today we do assessment "who is your bestfriend" so we asked Emir who is his bestfriend, and he points to his bag Thomas (naturally I bought Thomas the tank backpack for him after I found out his love towards Thomas)
Me: Really? He understands what bestfriend is? Ke dia tak faham?
Aunty M: Dia faham. We asked few times and he still points to Thomas
Me: Are you sureeee dia faham? (hahaha still can't believe Emir understands such question)
Aunty M: Yes he is. Since he couldn't talk yet, he just point it
Me: How about other kids?
Aunty M: Other kids named their berstfriend hehe

Oh myyyyy..ok there are 2 issues here.

First, I never expect Emir to understand such question. I mean, who is your bestfriend is pretty deep question right? Obviously I still see him as a baby, while, he's not anymore. Such a clever boy!

Second, kesiannya my sayangggggggg...he feels that Thomas his bestfriend *sobs*

Well...Emir is on the antisocial bit because of his inability to talk I guess.. Antisocial or not, deep down I'm kinda happy that he actually responsive to that question. And also, I find it funny. Thomas is his bestfriend ok, awwwwwwwwwww.....

Come to think, it does make sense because he spent loads of time with the trains and brought them to most places we went, like:

At this kedai makan

At the airport. The moment we secure our seats, he open up his bag and take out all the train

Another kedai makan where he brought ALL of his trains together

Even if he's doing something else, ie watching youtube on the iPad, the trains have to be in order and accompany him

When I brought my kids to my office, Emir take out all the trains and put on the floor, then sit next to it.

All dressed up in Thomas theme. Ah beng habis haha

His Thomas shoe box that he treasures

To keep his most fav trains

At his most fav spot in Toys r Us

Even though he loves Thomas so much, we don't really spoil him, like buying him all the models (even though I'm tempted too! They are soooo cute! especially Henry the snow cleaning edition *insert roll eyes here*. And furthermore I don't want to teach him, "you can get anything you want". Woaa...that's bad man! Don't be spoilt rotten!

So we buy once in a blue moon, like when we go out and they are behaving well, or when there is a sale and I'll wrap it in gift wrapper and went "surpriseeee" haha..

Anyway, up to-date he only has Thomas, Belle, Murdoch, Whiff, Henry (diecast), James (diecast), Hiro (diecast), Hank (diecast) and basic trail. I think we need to add more trail recently I caught him being innovative with the trail where he put something underneath of the trail to make it like a ramp and do accident scenes (boys!!).

I found few interesting second hand trail in but all of them sold out in jiffy! Gahhh! I should've been faster!

Anyway Emir, mommy hope you'll find your real bestfriend soon! Because Thomas can never be real. Mwahhhhhh!!!

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