Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fun under the Sun

Oh my...I miss writing so much (well, that what I always say after long hiatus isn't it :P) But yes, it's true! I miss writing but just couldn't fit the right time to pour what I feel. Or maybe when the time comes, I don't have the mood and heart already to blog about it. Sigh. Anyway, I still randomly post something on my IG (@aanandes), so check it out there. In fact, these entries also already posted in the IG but of course it isn't this details. Nothing beats good old blog right? ;)

I know Syawal is sooooo yesterday! But better late than never... because we had soooo much fun during last raya! So I have to pen down this! :D

Ok according to the plan, we will go back on the Saturday (Raya falls on Monday) which means we will celebrate the eve of raya in Terengganu. But somethings come up (work of course! It's always about work) that MrComot has to stayback in KL for the first and second day of raya. Of course I was a smitten and just can;t believe it, siap plan nak balik asing with the kids via flight ok, such a drama.

MrComot said that it's not like we don't go back at all, it just we go back later on the 3rd raya.

Of course it's a big deal, first day never the same with third day ok? If it's the same, might as well we go back the next 20 days, or even the next year! Haha..seee..sentap giler ok.

Anyway, after I calmed down, I was thinking, heck, why I need to spoil the festive season and sulk over small matter. It doesn't matter really because at least I can celebrate the first Eid with my in laws. Thank God they are in KL, else it will be super suck!

Talking about raya, both of us were very busy during fasting month and we don't even care about the baju raya and whatnot. Only on Saturday it hits us, alamak..tak best la takde baju matching2 this year. So on Sunday right before raya, gigih pegi cari baju ok. We only bought for MrComot and Zahra as Emir and Mommy already has baju melayu and kurung in Purple. We decided to go purple this year because two of use already have it, so don't have to buy new one for all four of us.

But the irony is, gigih beli baju before raya, but have none picture the four of us in it. Gahhhhhh!!

Ok talk about balik kampung, so since MrComot has to standby until 2nd day of Eid, we decided to go back the night of the 3rd Eid itself. This is our first time driving long journey at odd hours and oh mann....the road is super smooth BUT scary!! Because not many cars hitting it and there is no roadside lamp so it was pitch black.

Thank God we didn't hit anything random crossing the road that night, and we didn't see anything weird either *goosebump all over*.

So! These what we've been up to during the holiday in Besut. We had so so much fun and how I wish the place is just few hours drive away.

Scary dark. Thank God the kids were sleeping so we can have peaceful drive. I tried to stay up throughout the journey to accompany MrComot but terlelap jugak few times *sorry baby!*.

Plucking pucuk kemidi / paku-pakis / midin / fern shoots for bubur lambuk  my mom's style. Best dish ever. Just a simple porridge with lotsa ferns, fish meat, coconut milk, blackpepper. My comfort food. 

Scooping up sands at Pantai Air Tawar, Besut. 

Fresh mangosteen plucked from my dad's orchard.

Cooking a big batch of ayam masak merah with green view. There were couples of spring chicken freely roaming around and such a treat to my eyes.

Tapai (fermented rice) made in daun pisang (banana leaves) and original daun getah (rubber tree leaves). Yummy!

random find - mosses color died bug

Went to morning market and see all the villagers selling local stuff, from food to clothes. But you have to be very early here, before 8AM or it's hard to find parking.

Etak-etak, local snack. It's some-kind of shellfish, boiled with salt and you just eat it as it is.

Random fish monger in kain batik. So laidback! Nothing pretentious here.

Having boiled corn

while watching the chickens

handsome boy had to hold two of the corn...because it might finish faster than he can munch.

My mom with my grandma, at the original wooden house.

Went to hypermarket where basically nothing much there because festive season, all sold out I guess.

Had sup urat keting which is extremely delicious but heart clogging. MrComot pass this, not his kind of food (he is that "bandar" ok hahaha)

My dad making lempuk (durian flesh with sugar). You have to stir it for hourssssssss until it turns to a good goey dessert. Yum!

Went to buy keropok kering (fish cracker) from the maker and get wholesale price. Just for fun.

Went to Rantau Panjang (at the Thailand's border) and eat at random local shop. This is our first time eating randomly like this (with kids I mean! I am totally fine with this kind of shop) and they've been chasing flies and ants. Kids!

Totally flat after some shopping.

Raya is not complete with firecrackers isn't it

Making choc cupcakes with abundance of sprinkles of course

Harvesting rambutan. The tree is just right in front of the house.

And it is so low that the kids can pluck by themselves.

Being nice to the brother :D

So, that's it! The kids had a really good time and Zahra keep on asking when we can have long holiday and balik kampung again.

Sadly, no raya picture. We brought the raya clothes back thinking that we will wear it again and snap a picture together. But we are too lazy to do that, booo!

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