Wednesday, May 30, 2012

3-series first entry :)

I miss my blog so soo sooo sooooo much!!!

Hye everyone!! I'm here alive and kicking and I hate myself for not updating. I am so busy and tired up to a point that I'm tired of being tired...

So I was like "OK, that's it! Am going to update my blog! Tiredness, shooooo away!"

Haha so that's explain this entry.

On the other note, I am another year older! I'm entering the THREE-series and it doesn't feel scary like I used to imagine but yeah, it will be nicer if I stuck at 20s haha kidding! Age doesn't really matter, as long as everything is fine, I am happy with it :)

To break the long hiatus, I present this blog my current work-place and it sucks to the core. I hate every single sight of it! But at the same time, I can't bring myself to tidy it up a bit, or beautify it, or whatever. I just feel like throwing everything behind and fly to Maldives sipping pina colada under the breezy coconut tree with beautiful aqua view on the sandy beach. But reality is, I have to face this eye-sore space everrrrryyyday! It even invades my dream, damn it!

Haha..enough of the whining and swearing, just want to zing my typical office worker with a little drama.

Anyway, I have so many things to pour on and will try my best to update daily. Again, I miss crapping so much! Hope you guys have a good day! :)


  1. AsSalam,

    Hepi Befday Mummy... so berapa tahun dah? 16? 17? hehehehehe

  2. Happy Birthday dear! Take care, i'm very stressed now too.. huhuh

  3. I miss your updates!

    Happy birthday lalink ;)

  4. i remember that pink starbucks tumbler... hahahhhaha

  5. Tatty,
    Me pilih 16! Hehehe

    Thanks! Jgn stress2, it just a number :P

    Cik Kopi,

    Abg Namiri,
    Yes! That's from u ;)