Friday, September 30, 2011

You know you are a mom when.. are a sucker for diapers promotion!

I don't know if you agree with me, but I gotta say Mamypoko is the best disposable diapers in town! Not to mention it's pretty expensive too.

Since it's expensive, and Zahra can use other cheaper diapers well too, we just use Mamypoko for night usage - so far sekali pun tak pernah bocor! And her bum and front all good, smooth and no reddish whatever. If I use other brands, lambat tukar sikit je mmg merah sikit sbb Zahra's skin is quite sensitive.

Anyway, the point here is about Mamypoko. The normal price for S72/M66/L56/XL50/XXL40 is around RM54 right? And we always bought a bundle when the price goes down to RM46 and below. The cheapest I've even found is at RM42.99 at Jusco Member Card Sale and special promo in hypermarket (Giant/Tesco/C4) but today my MIL texting MrComot, that it is at RM40.99 in Giant!

Heyyyy!! That's the cheapest ever!!!!

See, we talk about baby stuff a lot sampai my MIL pun can register this in her head hehehe.

It's in Giant now for 30 Sept til 2 Oct only! And you have to buy it with coupon. 1 coupon valid for 6 packs max. I'm not sure where can you get the coupon, my MIL got it from The Star I think..have to confirm with her (tried to call her just now but can't reach, nanti I update ok). Not sure if you can print the coupon itself. Updated: yes the coupon is frm the star! By this time mesti dah sold out. My friend managed to get 3 packs only and giant KD only have 7 packs left when my MIL went, and it was on friday!

Anyway, here is the direct link!

Happy Friday and Mamypoko-ing everyone!


  1. A shop at my in laws in Penang sell Mamypoko at a very very cheap price. For that size, M66, i can get around r.36 or rm39, all the time. No special promotion period required. hehehehe

    But now Danish wear mamypoko pants cos it is soooo hard to get him change in normal pampers. At that shop, for normal M size, it's rm27! At giant it's rm39!!

    And that shop even sell baby milk at discount too!! Loving it! Hehehhe

  2. Hi,fiena. Where is ur in law's shop? Where to get Mamypoko at cheap price?