Friday, September 9, 2011

My Static-Baby

Remember this entry, where I want sewing machine soooooooo bad?

Tell you what, MrComot bought me one!!! Yeayyyy!!

But another fact you should know... he bought me last May, 29th May 2011 to be exact, and it still in the box, untouched, unopened, unmoved, on the table in art's room (3rd bedroom) UNTIL NOW!!!! With a lot of dust of course.

That will be like, almost 4 months ago ok *sigh*

I chose the machine myself at one of the shops, and it took me almost 2 hours.. and was very excited. I already picture in my head that I'm going to rumble the box, snap a lot of pictures, the function, the mechanism, the capabilities, etc etc and share it in this blog. That explain why I didn't post up anything about my baby, just because I haven't explore it yet.

Then I became so optimistic that I'm gonna sew something for babyG and let see...babyG is due in another couple of weeks..or another month.. with my back pain and all-I-want-to-do-is-lie-down hormone, it seems impossible!

So most probably I'm gonna open the box after babyG popped out..after confinement.. and if only I'm not that busy (I can imagine myself with a growing up toddler and small baby, boleh ke tak busy? hehe)

Ok lets take a peep with my new-static-baby :D

Big and study...and quiet, on the table hahaha.

Maybe I should forget about it and sell it to anybody who is interested? And since the warranty is 1's almost half a year now..I'll give RM200 off?

Haha..don't know lah..kesian ok machine tu..

Anyway, even though I didn't touch the sewing machine, there is a lot of ideas running wild in my head - sewing/craft related. And I couldn't help it but starting on this one cute project by purlbee.

It's a citrus coaster!!!! --> click click click to see the end product

They are so colorful and summery! Ok, it's not like we have summer here, it's summer all the year round hehe..but I love love love the cheerful colors and ideas. So yeah, I'm making one set.

And guess what?

The project started 3 months ago and I'm just at my 3rd piece now *sigh* (another 3 more to go if I'm making for 6, or 5 more if for 8)

The work in progress.. 3 months and counting hehe

This project is more 'realistic' as it only involves hand stitching than sitting with the sewing machine. But mind you, hand stitching is time consuming... but surprised surprised, I just figured out that I'm loving it!!!

Somehow it's very therapeutic for me sitting on the carpet with my big belly and a plush pillow at my back for support, watching TV and stitch stitch stitch... The only problem is, I just used whatever material I have and most of the felt run out the colors, especially the white one. Bummer! So nak pegi beli ke apa ke macam leceh pulak. It kinda turning me off to continue this project. But I'll try my best to finish it before babyG pop out so that I show it off in this blog ha ha ha.. That will be a good motivation eh?

And another problem, time of course. But it's a lame excuse :P

Oh ya, while at the coaster, I managed to whip an itty bitty star hair clip for Zahra and she lovessssss it very much!! This is my first time working with a very small alligator hair clip, I think around 1.5cm.. Nanti I check and share with it with you guys. My normal hair clip for Zahra is around 3cm kalau tak salah.

It's not perfect, but it's a cutie alright. It's in bright yellow with orange stitch and I personalized it with very tiny star button in teal that I bought online. Seriously..I bought a lot of thing that I think I can open a craft supply shop or something now hahahaha.

Below is a couple of Zahra's pic with the star hair clip!

And that's the story about my sewing machine, and my current craft project hehe.

I plan to create a new blog just for craft/sewing stuff...but looking at the rate I'm going, I don't see it will benefit anybody. I only do craft once in a blue moon hehehe.

Hopefully I manage to finish the coaster soon. Soon as in before babyG pop out. We'll see how :P


  1. Give me the sewing machine then I can let it collect dust for few more months, hahahah. Seriously, teringin ok nak jahit2 ni tapi tak tau la rajin ke x, hehehe.

  2. project crochet sy pun dh lama tak jalan

  3. Haha Fiena, I think once u jadi mom kan, the domestic hormone kickin in.. Nak buat mcm2 tapi hahh..we know ourselves better :P

    Fitri, tak tahu pulak u buat crochet. Wahhhh itu lagi memerlukan kesabaran yg tinggi. Jom jom kita start balik projek2 kita :D

  4. wah bestny..maria br dok cr mesin jahit ni..