Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cut My Nails, not My Finger ok

Finally! I have the gut to chop Zahra's nail and I did it yesterday. Previously my mom do it for me.

The fingers are very small n soft that I imagine I might cut the finger as well n darah memancut mancut n my pwincess will have to live with defected fingers. Hooooowwww? Talking about non-sense thought, on early days I am so afraid of lifting Zahra up, in any case I drop her and the soft unprotected head smashed on the floor (touch wood!). It's freaking scary ok, I mean such kind of imagination. MrComot said it's because I'm a klutz so it becomes my subconcious mind.

However I'm embracing my fear bits by bits and look at the nails! Hehehe. 1st pic after being chopped, 2nd is before n last pic is my mom's cutting it, three weeks ago I think. Nobody takes my pic because I'm afraid I'll do wrong so I cut it senyap2 hehe.

Oh ya, I did it while bf her, that's the only time she will stay put. Kalau tak, asyik gawang2 je tangan tu.

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  1. maria sll imagine benda2 mcm ni..huhu..

  2. ann....tembam2 nyer tangan nyer...mesti bulat ni..weekend ni ada x??ingat nak gi lawat..

  3. m@ri@,
    Tu la...org kedah ckp seriauu kan. Nak bawak turun naik tangga lagi la imagine mcm2

    Tak tembam sgt pun hahab Weekend ni ada tapi call confirm dulu eh nnt. Sabtu nak pi urut kot

  4. i pon slalu potong kuku my boy while bf-ing or masa dorang tido. if not tak duduk diam....plus i pon jenis penakut takut terpotong fingers dia..hih hih

  5. mula2 kn i mmg tkt nk potong kuku baby i, my hubby yg berani..

    tapi lame2, i rs cam nk try, sbb asik rely on hubby jer cam ssh skit..dier sll cam, ala, nanti la i potong..which i xsuke,
    sbb tau la, while breastfeeding, mesti tgn dier merayap kt bdn kiter..btol x?
    bile kuku pnjg, xke sakit ..haha