Friday, April 18, 2008


MrComot has this one weird fetish, he likes to play with my tudung. Bukan main jiwang-jiwang tu, but suka tarik-tarik and making weird shape at the face.

Last two day is the worst, I was busy typing in front of the PC, he came standing, so I stop and asked 'What is it?'. Suddenly he pushed small plastic wrapper under my tudung at the forehead. Then he ran away and giggled. Boleh tak? Tak pasal-pasal kan.

His most favourite action is the ninja. He likes to fold my scarf until my face become box-shaped, and then pull end of the scarf across my face, imitating the veil.

The ninja wannabe. See the big fold side by side.

The box-shaped is soo buruk okkk. It made me looks like Indon or org Acheh (no offense here but they do wear their scarf like that). Dah la my face is kinda chubby and big kan. Horror okkkk! But sometimes I layankan lah jugak since he likes it sooo much.

Oh ya..I asked him btw:

andes`: why u suka me buat ninja?
MrComot: sbb muka u bulat mcm bola
MrComot: jadi ninja tu makes u more aerodynamic



So you guys ada ke fetish pelik2 ni?

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