Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cheeky Princess

Just a random babbling about my Zahra (sorry Emir, post about u will be up later! straight face )

She is 4 this year and doing well at school and at home. Still pretty much a fussy eater so I just let her drink her milk from the bottle. Don't really want to bottle wean her as she just need it before sleep, so no big deal. Totally diaper-less during the day, but not at night due to my laziness to train her. Maybe when she is 5 I'll think about it hehehe.

Pretty much a girlish girl, whom loves makeup and dress up. She won't go out if I don't do her hair nicely or not wearing a dress.

Look at the amount of her eyeshadow that she put on all by herself! And obviously in purple shades.  Very barbie-sh color.

Anyway, that's not about it. Thinking about he behaviour.

I think..4 years old is a cheeky phase for everyone. They start to talk well, they know what they feel and they have their own opinion. The best part is they started to have/expose to friends and have this kind of feeling towards others (other than mommy and daddy) which gives them a lot of emotion to play with.

There are few moments that brought me rolling-on-the-floor-laughing like this one moment:

(well, this isn't new, I already post it at my FB and IG, but want to fill my blog winking)

She was invited a friend's birthday party at school (it's kinda close party that day because it was on last school holiday) and the theme is Sofia the First. So she is pretty excited about it and ask me to wrap a gift for her. The invitation is kinda last minute (it was a day before!) so I didn't get the chance to buy any gift, luckily I have some Sofia the First FOE (foldover elastic) and I sew some hair tie for the birthday girl. Instead of the gift, Zahra insist me to pack this squarish thing, nicely with a pink polkadot wrapper and tie with pink yarn, and that squarish thing is..... a box of WET WIPES!

I don't understand her motive at first so I keep on telling her

"jangan la bagi wet's not a proper gift, malu la mommy"
which she answered "it's okay, Yasmina suka wet wipes"

"no wet wipes la..sebab mommy nak pakai, Zahra bagi menda lain ok"
which she replied "it's ok, mommy boleh wipe pakai kain"

Okaaayyyyyy. Since she insisted, I was thinking, what the heck, bungkus je la and crossing my fingers that the birthday girl's mom won't find it weird that her daughter got a wet wipes as a present hahaha.

So anyway I asked her during the shower in the morning, right before we go to the party

"Why Zahra nak bagi Yasmina wet wipes?"
"Becauseeee I want to tell her that I give her princess castle and when she got home, she open...HAAAAHHHHH wet wipessss??!?!?! and I laugh"

And then terkekeh-kekeh dia gelakkan Yasmina. Siap action with hands wide open, sign of surprise.

I was stunned at first with the answer because it's unpredictable and then... burst out laughing. 

My Godddddd...this lady! Kecik-kecik dah pandai kenakan orang! Siap nak cakap bagi princess castle tu! Where she got all this idea! I was thinking to brush off the idea, but it will break her spirit so I just play along with her. After all, nothing harm for a girl to get a box of wet wipes right? It's useful!

Anyway, I don't really know what happen after that day. I  mean, betul ke Yasmina terkejut? Or she just think "apahal dapat wet wipes?" LOL.

And the second incident is this morning. I packed some princess fabric (I've been hoarding a lot of designer cotton lately) for my friend's viewing to turn it into pillow then suddenly she said

"Mommmmyyyy...mommy jangan la bagi kawan mommy kain princess ni"

"Ok...mommy nak bagi kawan mommy tengok je"

"Nanti mommy bagi dia tengok tapi lepas tu kawan mommy suruh jahit, mommy jahit yg OWL ok! Nanti dia terkejut!"

Ewahhh ewahhhhhh..kawan mommy pun Zahra nak kenakan eh?

Hahaha if you look at her face and listen to the tone, so funny ok, bersemangat ni nak kenakan orang.


My cheeky princess!!

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Well, nothing fun..just a random thought there winking

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