Friday, January 8, 2010

The Anxious Mommy, The Cool Baby

I've been meaning to update about a lot of thing especially on baby thing but things is pretty hay wired now because I am ready to go into labor anytime! There are so many checkups and I am at home, with my crappy lappy whom can't upload any pic due to its old age - it will hang if tried to to read my camera! the real reason for no update is because I can't upload pics hahaha.

But I have to write here details of the checkups and my situation, or I'll forget.

Anyway, since I'm seeing two gyneas and both gyneas see me every week, that means I see doc twice a week. It's quite hectic for me and as I have to be there here and there.

Last week has been pretty good only that I'm starting to develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) where I feel needle point all over my fingers and it happens during the night. It's quite normal for preganant mommies especially during the late pregnancy where we got swollen and press the nerve. At first I thought I was allergic to something. Anyway after 4-5 days, it's gone, I don't know why and it is a relieve.

I had my first vaginal checkup last Tuesday and was surprised to find out that I am 2cm dilated! Since I don't feel anything, doc said it is a latent opening (passive), could be weeks or days or anytime, I have to watch my contraction period to confirm on it. Doc Zahna said my cervix is really soft and ripening. It's ready!

I started to have bloody show after Maghrib on Wednesday and was pretty messed up because MrComot and I were gaduh that time, bolehhh? Eiiiii..saiko sangat, we didn't have misunderstanding quite for sometimes and yesterday he's being extra sensitive because too tired with works and I was with my 'Suka hati lah nak fikir apa, malas layan!' head, so both had lunch in silence and terbawak2 sampai balik. He tried to make it up on the way back asking me why I acting so cold and all and mommy don't have mood for berbaik-baik ok! I said give me some times as I don't feel like talking hahahaha. What a day. Then the next morning terus MrComot made me air yassin ok. Hahhhh rasa bersalah la tu :P

Then I had another checkup yesterday and had another vaginal checkup, I am 3cm dilated! (This time with Doc Fidak). She's very elated to find out about it and said I could deliver anytime. She told me to come again to the hospital to do CTG this morning if I still hadn't deliver.

This morning, MrComot made me two halfboiled eggs and packed the hospital bag into the car in any case I will be admitted. We went to the hospital and did the CTG thing and alhamdulillah everything is ok, only that I still don't have contraction! u still don't want to come out kah?

Anyway according to the last scan, baby is fine, the water (air ketuban) is at comfortable scale (about 12-13), placenta still doing well - not too ripe/matured, baby's head still engaged and facing down so nothing much to worry only that I have to be aware of baby's movement--> I hate this task because everytime people/doc ask baby moves ok tak, I don't know what to answer!! Because I think macam ok, but I don't know if it is enough or not. It's not like baby moves all the time u know..and most of the time I just forgot how much she moves already *sigh*

On the other note, I love to see both doctors because they like to explain a lot to me expecially about the scan thing, what I see and all, not only said "ok...everything is ok". Sometimes I feel like I am in biology class haha.

Oh ya, we also managed to see the heart, already in grape shape and can see the 4 chambers. Alhamdulillah...

Since I don't feel any contraction yet, doc recommend me to do a some exercise to promote natural labor feel
1) squatting
2) pelvic floor massage (to soften it more) --> susah ni and I give it a pass boleh?
3) nipple stimulation

Doc put 12/01/10 as new due date and might consider of inducing me if still have no contraction by that time but it will be more painful than normal labor pain as she will give me Pitocin. My body won't produce endorphin (somethings like natural morphin) as the painkillers as Pitocin won't trigger the brain for this. So I really hope that I get the contraction ASAP so it will be natural as possible, and less painful! Aminnnn...

I still having the bloody show until now, so I'm not sure how much I dilated already. So baby, please come out as soon as u can ok, mommy don't want you to be induced.

Friends, please pray for me. In the mean time, I'll try to update again! Mwahhhhhhhhh


  1. Take care Aan, let me know when u deliver ok. I want to visit u at the hospital :D

  2. take care n gud luck..mria dlu p hospital sbb dah kuar darah..time tu dah 7cm..pas tunggu sat masuk labour room..apepun maria doakan aan selamat..ape2 update k..

  3. InsyaAllah selamat
    jgn lupa utk menyebarkan beritanya apabila sampai masanya ye..=)

    yeah..bertambah lagi sorang akan panggil aku Uncle!! hahah

  4. darling~ make sure Mr. Comot charges his phone so that his battery won't kong anytime ye :p Thank you~

    p/s: all the best darling, my doa is always with you :*

  5. moga baby cecepat kuar n selamat (ntah2 masa komen ini dipublish, ann dah selamat bersalin kutt.. heheh!)