Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wedding Gifts

Since the wedding fever is still in the season, I would like to write about what we received for the wedding.

I thank you all who gave pressies and angpow. On the material side, fortunately, we didn't get any duplicate things except for rice cooker. But it is in 2 different size, so it should be ok. In other word, we get to use all the things and worry not, there will be no recycle for another wedding hehehe.

Part of them

To name a few, we got bedsheets, punch set, TUPPERWAREs, albums, mugs, luggage bag, mixer, CUTE towels, CUTE japanese teaset, CUTE key holder, etc etc.

Mind you, CUTE towels are not the same with normal towels ok =D

And so CUTE japanese teaset vs. normal teaset. Hahaha maybe I sound fussy but I feel lucky to have friends who knows me that well :D

I looveeee CUTE pressies. Who doesn't? Duh~~~

Btw, in many many things, we also received something funny, at least it is funny to me.

Guess what is it~

Such inordinary box eh?





Yes, you guys completely right!

It is a GUITAR!

Of course it is funny! I mean, out of anything why it has to be guitar?! Hahaha to do the giver, no offense to you. I like it very much but I still think it is ... f-u-n-n-y. Again, why guitar? LOL.

By the way, thanks sooo sooo sooo much for this absolutely crazy gift. It reminds me the good old days, when we took the guitar class, 2003 eh? ;)

MrComot doing the tuning

Oh ya, it is a BIG coincident that MrComot also knows how to play guitar, he even took classical class when he was in Form 5.

By the way, both of us need lotsa practice to keep back in track. I can't even hold C correctly!! Helppppp meeeee :P

Got signature somemore, macam artist ok. you mind if I change the string to nylon? The copper stings me hehehe.

Oh ya, I also got a very SEXY lingerie in black and red. It is sooo soo and pervert hahaha. By the way I like it soo much but can't post up the pic here :P

Once again, I thank you all for all the gifts and money given. You guys really made our day. It is so generous of you and I wish all of you dimurahkan rezeki dunia akhirat ;)

This is all I can give in return, a BIG SCHLOPPY KISS.

Mwahhhhhhhhsss!!! Schloppp schloppppp~~


  1. bila smp restaurant, hubby tya u tak bawak pape ke?
    baru time ni dia nk tnya? hehehe
    i mmg nak beli, but takde masa nak kluar, we hope angpow will do :)
    i pun prasan that gift, x sangka ada org bg u guitar. sapa kasi eh? hehe

  2. eeee...schlop..schlop tu yg tak tahan tu. *terbayang frog u tu dulu*

    tu je yg me mampu pening nk cr benda2 yg cute2 mcm u n mr.comot. tp bile nmpk tht cartoon punye smile..i teringt ur smile. terus grab. ahahaha...enjoy the cute thingy ea :)

    kehadiran sy dah cukup sbg hadiah kan?
    (jawapan org2 yg beri hadiah)
    hehehehe :p

  4. Aleeya, thanks for the angpow. Anything will make us happy hehehe. Itu my close friend bagi :p

    Khairiah, we likey ok the towel. Dah siap basuh nnt boleh pakai together2 hehe

    Zul, dahhhh cukuppp. Jangan risau la. As long as I get to see my friends, that's what important to me. Hehe