Friday, November 21, 2008

Korean BBQ Chicken

Since my life starting to ride on normal track, I decided to write about pending stuffs. Digging the pictures folder, I have few food experiences that I would like to share with all of you.

It is an unexpected visit, last month. We went to One Utama for their Giant just to find that they are closed for good, then we decided to get our dinner inside and I was craving for chicken (KFC to be exact :P), that is when we saw this shop. They just opened it for 3 months (the waiter told me). It is situated the same row with Subway.

I was itchy to know how the taste will be like as they claimed to be the healthiest chicken.

100% olive oil!

The interior. Kinda cosy.

A short article/points the goodness of olive oil as their 'pelapik meja'. What we called it eh? kalau for mug coaster kan? Table coaster? Whatever..

I ordered Original Chicken as the picture shows a golden crunchy fried chicken just like KFC and MrComot took their specialty, Korean Charbroiled.

Korean Charbroiled RM14.50
Marinated with 30 secret ingredient and roasted with hardwood charcoal.

Original Chicken RM13.40
Fried with Olive oil. Crunchy but not tasty enough.

I find the original chicken is quite pricey (again compared to KFC) but it is olive oil, so it has to be pricey! Btw, in the end, I finished the Korean Charbroiled and MrComot helped me to wipe off the Original Chicken. I still prefer KFC over thousands time :P

Korean Charbroiled is highly recommended though! Especially if you like yummilicious grilled chicken skin. The marinated spices sangat-sangat sedap! The only drawback is, they don't remove the thick fat under the skin (the yellowish one), I had to remove it by myself as tiba2 I rasa health concious :P

I forgot how much the drink is as we only had warm water (which is free I guess, can't remember!).

It's a good option to your fried chicken but the taste won't be the same :D


  1. Korean Charbroiled looks yummy to me!

  2. Mmg sedap Aleeya! Tapi yg tu je kut, yg lain2 tak tahu hehe. Maybe can share first nak rasa kan, lagipun konon2nya sihat la wpun ayam goreng :D