Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our Weekend Project

Guess what we did last weekend?


Ok ok, not literally lah. We just assemble the shoe rack :P

The thing with shoerack is, both of us are busy. Our schedule will be like, morning going to work, arrive home earliest by 8pm. Most of the time will be around 10 or 11, depending on where we had our dinner. So we barely have time for our house. The cleaning process will only happen during the weekend which will include vacuuming and laundriette.

Talking about laundry, we do our laundry once a week, so can you imagine how heavy the load will be? And thank God for giving us bright sun every weekend, else, the baju will be very-very masam :P

Back to the topic, so my point is, we don't have time to do extra thing. Nak tengok wayang pun tak sempat okkk. So tgk tv je in the room. But I think it's better kut, as long as ada quality time together I don't mind not going out.

Back to the topic (again!)

Since we don't have proper shoerack, we just drop our shoes behind the door and it has been quite a mess. We've been surveying lots shoerack in market but unfortunately, all of them can't fit nicely in our petite storeroom. Most of them are around 30" width and the shortest will be around 24" but our storeroom width is about 22" only. So how to fit in?

At first we plan to buy thin plywood and cut and mount and paint ourselves but I *feel* it's a bit too ambitious, provided the time constraint. In the end, we settled for the cheapest shoerack available and cut it to the right size. It's more manageable I guess hehe

MrComot cutting the cheap wood

We get the shoerack from IKEA. I planned to paint it with colorful woodpaint but as I said before, being idealist it not the best practice for this time being so I just let it stay as in original - plain untreated wood.

Since it's cheap, the stack is not really stable, MrComot had to stick it with UHU glue and let it dries under the hot sun.

The whole stack

This is how our shoes rest before. A very pretty sight eh? :P

And after! Yeay!

That will be our regular shoes. Since we don't have many shoes, this rack will be enough for now. Hope it will stay neat like this for a long long longggg time.

Knowing myself, I wonder how it will turn out next week? Maybe the shoes will be back behind the door as it will be easier and faster for me to access hehehe


  1. tulip pakai ikea nya shoe rack niih laa yg bertahan hanya tuk 3 bulan sj kot..pastu terus roboh hehehe..

    hopefully urs ok ;)

    nota: jgn ganas2 letak kasut :D

  2. Hi Mrs Comot. Thanks for dropping by. Keles uol tetap la masok blog hantian tu kan? Nan ado orang uol. I'll update kalau ada benda menarik.

    Tapi just a quick promo, hop onto the blog kat link blogger tu.

    You'll find another Bedah. Quite adventurous one.



  3. Nur, terpaksa la rajin. Tapi seminggu sekali je :P

    BB, shoerack ni mmg lembik, masa beli dah tahu dah but pasrah je la sbb dlm bilik kecik tu kan, suh dia duk diam2. Harap2 tak roboh la :P

    Bedah, I've been reading all the blogs but there will always be only one Bedah rite? :)
    Another 2 blogs that I follow religiously was Imah and Fiebie. Apsal laaa semua tutup blog ish ish. But takpelah..that's another story kan? Wish to see your blog updated soon :D

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