Friday, November 14, 2008

Journey To The East Coast

Hi all, my fever finally walking out of me. In fact I also had mild diarrhea and it drove me crazy as I am hungry like a bear but my appetite is just the size of a pea. Thanks for all the prayers *hugs*

Since I don't really have interesting story to tell, I just want to share with you guys my experience going back from Besut through 'Jalan Pantai', during our reception there.

From KL we went through Bentong-Raub-Lipis-Gua Musang-Kuala Krai-Machang-Pasir Puteh-Jerteh. In total around 450km, took up about 7 hours driving roughly.

When we want to return back to KL, we decided to take the longer route as they claim it to be a nice jalan pantai but will involve more KM and hours also toll which will result in more RM to spend and tiredness.

Since we were not in hurry, we just think, why not? At least we tried so we know how good/bad it is :D

Surprisingly, for noncommercial place, the beaches is pretty good and clean. We stopped at every beaches to check out the sand and the water and they never let me down.

The sand is flour soft, and the water is blue as ever. Another thing that surprised me is, the beaches is not that deep, I mean you still can go and main2 tepi air. Not that dangerous something like that because I always thought they don't go for commercial because of the beach condition. Maybe also that day we went the tide is just at the right height. I can't really tell hehe.

Scenes from Pantai Penarek

The fishing net getting roofed suntan

The boats. Look how calm the sky is.

Long and never end

The trees

Scenes from Pantai Kelulut

The planted 'Rhu' trees

We sat almost an hour on the pankin (bench) sitting peacefully with small talk. The breezy wind is really holding you from going back to KL.

View from the pankin

The combined sea and sky

Dipping our feet

Our lunch, shared maggi goreng, ais kacang and 4 pieces of satar (combination of fish paste with grated coconut, chilli - grilled) all for RM5.50. Dead cheap!!

Scenes from Rantau Abang

This place full of magnificient huge rock

Under the shade

Scenes from Pantai Mok Nik

Monica Bay. Nama tanak kalah okkk.


All of the beaches look similar isn't it? :D

In googlemap you can see that the 'Jalan Pantai' is quite long but we just can enjoy it about 30km-40km in total as most of the area are not visible from the road due to big bushes and trees.

Smiles from Terengganu!

We were greeted with toll at Plaza Tol Kuantan which cost us RM21.60.

The new generation of toll. No paper.

So what do you think?

420KM + 0 toll + normal road + 7 hours driving
570km + RM21.60 toll + a few beaches + 9 to 10 hours driving

For me it's not worth all the time and petrol and money spent. It will be nice though for first timer so we get to know what the other side of Terengganu has to offer.

We'll go back next year through normal route, Gua Musang ;)


  1. syukur alhamdulillah awak dah sehat. mudah-mudahan sentiasa diberi kesihatan dan rezeki yang baik daripada Allah. bykkn rehat dan senyum selalu ek... ada masa insyaallah akn dibuat jugak questionares cam malas jer =p heh, take care ek

  2. kenapa tak try shortcut? gua musang to kuala berang.. jln baru.. half finished sebenarnya.. tp rasa tahun depan siap sepenuhnya ler... yg menariknya dia merentasi tasik kenyir... tp jgn guna time malam... byk gajah lagi :D

    sampai gua musang ... singgah la minum air kat umah :p

  3. Darling, I'm back ^_^

    and so happy to hear you dah baik demam :*

    Nice pics of the beaches. Me likey, and you look so matang in that picture with Mr. Comot :)

    Between the two route, I'd rather choose the longer one with a nice view - i love sight seeing.

    But then again, I'm never the one to drive pun.

  4. rajinnye singgah beaches duluuuuu~~

  5. dearie lalink...
    wah..sangat honeymoon sepanjang perjalanan (^.~)/

    dah sihat ye??..alhamdulillah..ok2. back 2 work. cargas..cargas!!

  6. Ain, u take care too. We'll pray for everybody's health ;)

    Karlbum, ada jalan baru eh? Tak tahu lagi jalan tu, maybe next year boleh lalu :D Ishh..kau berani ke lalu area2 gajah ni? InsyaAllah singgah :D

    Shani, me mmg look BADDDD in pictures ok (nak cakap me look good in reality la tu haha). Btw, BULATNESS is always there ish ish ish. U shud try the jalan pantai, it is really nice provided good weather la. Buuutt ya lah..kalau ada org drive mmg la mcm tu. Mem besar!!! :P

  7. Aleeya, kan? Best utk jalan2 kat area sana

    Along, harus la rajinnn sbb dah boleh agak pas ni tak lalu jalan tu dah hehehe. So pulun cepat2

    Lalink, everyday is honeymooning (bluekkk) Jawapan cover sgt sbb tak pegi honeymoon betul2 lagi kan :P

  8. budak kecik,
    memang lah lagi dekat pi pantai timur lalu jalan gua musang!..tu psl kalau pi pulau perhentian, budget bwh rm300 je!..hehe

  9. Hey budak besar, bila masa kau pegi perhentian tak ajak aku! Anyway saja je try jalan lain..alang2 dah balik kg kan. Kalau tak jgn harap hehe