Monday, November 3, 2008

The bride back in action thehehe

Hi alllsss!!

First of all, I thank God very very very much as after soo many kelam kabut things, we finally settled and completed all the events.

And thank God that the final reception was a blast!

Btw, I am still on leave today as we need to clean up the house after a week of abandonement and updating stories with pictures is an impossible task as we are running via GPRS now. Kota Damansara sangat lah kuno, tak ada 3G ok. At least at our place lah. Maybe jiran sebelah dapat kut as it keeps on switching to GPRS and 3G. Celcom, please check on this! (wahh diva~)

So gotta update with steamy stories tomorrow.

Hahaha steamy kah?