Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Something about Andes

Got this from Khairiah comot, so here it goes~


[01] Real Name: lalalala

[02] Nickname: andes, aan, aan andes

[03] Status: Married =D

[04] Zodiac Sign: Gemini (super duper MPD! ish ish ish)

[05] Gender: Female

[06] Age: 26 years old

[07] High School: Sypultra (cari lah kalau pandai! Ces..mcm susah kan :P)

[08] College: USM

[09] Height: 155cm (MrComot called me pendeks *nanes*)

[10] Weight: 48kg to 50kg, inconsistent (used to be 40kg mwahahahaha)

[11] Do you like yourself: MESTILAH! =D

[12] Piercings: Ear only

[13] Right or left: Right

[14] Are you a freak: Hmm nothing really, klutz considered as one ke?

[15] Hair: Straight and THIN *sob sob*

[16] Skin: Normal

[17] Allergic: Coldness. Tak tahan sejuk nnt cepat masuk angin and sakit dada.

[18] What are you doing now: Answering this laa. And browsing.

[19] What will you doing 1 hour later: Browsing again

[20] What will you doing 10 years later: Teaching maybe?


[21] Live with mother/father/parents: Hubby! =D

[22] Siblings(included you): 1st from 4

[23] Eldest: ME!

[24] Youngest: Sitting for SPM right now

[25] Love/hate your family: Mestilah sayangg mwahhhhhhh


[26] You found your another half: Jap tak faham soalan ni, but working together *blush!*

[27] If yes, who is he/she: MrComot

[28] Who you want he/she to be: My only one. Apsal soalan patik tak faham ni? *scratch head*

[29] Time(s) you in relationship: 3 years

[30] Ever woo boy/girl: Hahaha pernah. My senior, I was a real STALKER those days. Ish ish ish

[31] Anyone woo you before: Pernah too laaa :P

[32] Did anything wrong to your other half: Hmm I don't know. Marah2 tu normal lah kut?

[33] What was/were the wrong you had done: Marah majuk marah majuk marah majuk

[34] Ever argue with your other half: Of course la

[35] You with your other half since: 2005

[36] Are you straight/Lesbo: Straight like an arrow

[37] Reasons you love your other half: Lalink pinjam jawapan u, he is what he is =D

[38] You and your other half in which stage: Hmm stage want to grow old together. Ishh serius wa tak faham soalan hehe

[39] You woo he/she or he/she woo you: Of course I will say him! Hahaha. Jappp..woo ni mengorat kan? Wa failed la bab2 language ni

[40] Ever think of marry he/she: Meshtilaaaa *blush again*


[41] Your first best friend: Linda from Sypultra

[42] Your first enemy: Hmm tak ingat. Kalau ada pun, let it go.

[43] The friends you love the most: All the girlfriends *BIG mwahhh to all of youuu*

[44] The enemy you hate the most(1only): Tak ingatttt!! Uwaaa seriously. But hopefully none

[45] Your most beautiful girl friend: Catherine Zeta-Jones? Hahaha

[46] Your most handsome boy friend: Robert Downey Jr. Sekian terima kasih.

[47] The kind of girl you hate the most: Two-faced

[48] The kind of boy you hate the most: Lazy and perasan raja. Big big turn off.

[49] You fall in love with your close friend before: Ilekk

[50] Your best friend is your ex-lover: Sadly, no

[51] If your friend backstabbing you: Buat bodo and tak kawan ngan dia dah.

[52] If your friend betray you: Same as above

[53] If your friend woo your lover: Same as above

[54] If your friends fall in love with you: Treat him like a friend and pretend nothing happen

[55] If you fall in love with your best friend: Then it means that I don't love MrComot anymore. Just follow with the flow then.


[56] Are you a good student: No ;( Always ponteng and crapping

[57] You always done your homeworks/assignments: Boleh laaa ;(

[58] The teacher/tutor you love the most: Cikgu AddMath, lupa nama dia

[59] Always late to school/college: Most of the time

[60] Your class: Science class and skema one

[61] You love your seniors: No, takde perasaan.

[62] Senior who you love the most: Biasa-biasa saja. Oh ya, Kak Fifi and Kak Masyitah maybe.

[63] Your classmates good/bad: Okayla.. Ada la few bitches

[64] Excellent result classmate: Tak ingat

[65] Laziest classmate: Tak ingat too


[66] Smart people: MrComot. It's a big turn on, seriously haha :D

[67] Stupid people: Complained user and call centre punya standard answer/attitude hahaha

[68] Good looking people: Goes back to Catherine Zeta-Jones.

[69] Ugly people: Can't think any

[70] Funny people: Fatih hahahahaha. He is a real joker.

[71] Cute people: My mom! She's funny ok

[72] Bad people: Gangster and org yg suka black magic kan org. Very very very BAD!

[73] Honest people: I wish for everybody to be honest

[74] Acting people: The bitches. Ughhh

[75] You are what kind of people: Klutzyyyyyy and cutie pie gagaga. I dunno, you tell me ;)


[76] Lip or eyes: Eyes

[77] Hugs or kisses: Kisses

[78] Shorter or taller: Taller

[79] Hesitant or spontaneous: Spontaneous

[80] Nice stomach or nice arms: Nice stomach

[81] Listener or talker: Listener

[82] Romantic or rich: Rich (I blueghhh for romantic haha)

[83] Good husband or Good Father: Start with good husband, aminnn


[84] Age to get marry: Married already

[85] Numbers of kid(s): Plan for 3 or 4

[86] Career: Domestic Goddess ;)

[87] Salary: As long as comfortable

[88] Retirement age: No limit, as long as I am healthy, I'll definitely do something

[89] Properties value: Houses and lands

[90] Wishes: To do well in my life especially as wifey and mommy later. Ahh giler mcm tak ambitious, but that's what I wanna be ;)

Hmm this tag goes to, anyone of you yg nak buat eh? Kalau boleh semua org, sbb me nak baca hahaha


  1. er...ada nickname yg tertinggal lagi tu..... dia agak panjang sikit= aan si gadis penjual tikar dari ******* :P gurau2 jaks!!

    salah satu sbb tidak ada blog sbb malas mau buat ini...so selamat gue...hahahaha :p

  2. feel like ive known you for years dah baca post kali nih =) hmm, saya serta kn link ke buku teks hidup saya kali nih. hrp sudila membaca.xde byk pun info, skit pun jadila. again, nice knowing you, take care and be happy. nanti post byk2 lg cite ek =D tqvm

  3. saya tak suka jawab questionnaire kecuali ada org nak bayarkan ahahahahha

  4. gile panjang! me scroll je sampai habes :P

  5. umur sama, weight sama jgk. tinggi lebih kurang. dulu USM gak. allergic to cold. byk yg hampir2 sama...

    pelik..tp menarik :D

  6. Zul, wajib buat on friendster ok!!

    Psstt, tak boleh jawab la ***** tu apa? Malaysia kan? :P

    Ain, heheh u made me blush. How about you pulak jawab the tag? :D

    Karlbum, hahaha mesti sbb cikgu byk sgt kena jawab questionnaire, kitaorg tak de org nak bagi questionnaire tu yg giler excited nak jawab :P

  7. Bee, apa kata u jawab pulak hahaha

    BB, tinggi kita sama eh? I thot u tinggi banyaakkkk dari kita tau, let say 160++ la. So, kita everage kan kan kan? :D Cold tu mmg sgt tak suka ;(