Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Junkie Dinner

Hi all! How are you? What you had for dinner last night?

I made our first dinner last night! So it will be our second home-cooked meal :D

Since we are yet to stock our fridge, so we have nothing actually. Except some potatoes and junk frozen food. Do you know what we also still don't have rice? *nanges* *ok mental note, have to buy this weekend*

Oh whatever, let's move on. So this is what we made last night: Crash hot potatoes with daging burger Ramly :P

The potatoes recipe inspired by Pioneer Woman. Thanks for sharing this lovely idea darling! Mwaaahh!!

I use 8 medium potatoes, butter, sea salt, pepper, and cheese

Potatoes are boiled with salted water until fork tender
Then drain them well

Mashed the potatoes resembling like a cookie and lather generous amount of butter. Original recipe use olive oil which I think will enhance the taste but I just use what I have. Oh ya, before that don't forget to butter up your pan as well, to avoid stickiness. Then sprinkle lots sea salt and pepper. You can also add some herbs (rosemary, parsley, etc etc) to make it more flavorful but I don't have any herbs in hand ;(

Heat up your oven and baked at 200 degrees for about 20 mins

I made a few experiments, using cheese as topping. So I open up the oven when it is about 3 minutes to ring and put some sliced Cheddar cheese on two potatoes. I also sprinkle Parmesan on another two pieces of potatoes immediately after they are out of the oven.

In the mean time, MrComot fry up burger patties
Unhealthy unhealthy unhealthy :P

Our dinner!
With one whole dragon fruit and Wall's Very Berry Strawberry nyam nyam!

My verdict: Plain salt and pepper potatoes taste the best! Will definitely repeat this recipe and won't use any extra topping. Texture wise, there are soft and crunchy at the same time. Another thumbs up, I find it easier to eat than normal jacket potato, maybe because of the texture. It gives an illusion that you are having a thin slice of potato so you can stuff more in your stomach :P

And here is the purest sin and gluttony!

We finished quarter of it while watching Addicted to Love (NTV7)

Junkie food is very satisfying don't you think so? :D


  1. Eww, what are those? Boleh kena cardiac arrest kalau tiap² malam dinner macam tu :D

  2. wah ur dinner..
    asalkan makan kan?

    ohh makan icecream berdua, tak hengat ye..

  3. so lalink, when r u free to invite me & fiena ni? ;) *tetiba jual nama fiena sbb tanak rasa bersalah sorg2..sowwy fien :P

  4. Haha Asroll, sekali sekala je

    Aleeya, bestkan mkn eskem sesama :D

    Bee, we don't even have chairs okkk!! Nnt me invite but semua org kena bawak tempat alas duduk sendiri :P

  5. gemuk la nanti tu sis!
    apalah erti nya makan mlm tanpa gulai tempoyak ikan sembilang, pucuk ubi cicah sambal belacan, ikan sepat masin..nasi panas2..nyum! nyum!