Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Little Princess is 4!!

Ok, let's take a break from my Cebu entry for a while ;)

My little princess turns 4 early of this January! How fast time flies. Unlike last year, I didn't throw any party for her due to time constraint. Oh ya, last year I buat party quite besar jugak, panggil all my friends and family because I consider macam makan-makan. But this year so busy, so I don't really plan anything. And dah lepas pun, so macam tak buat terus la kot :(

The thing is, she still remembers last year's party and keep telling me "Mommy, Zahra nak cake castle and princess Rapunzel". Last year cake dia Barbie.

Then I just said, "ok, nanti mommy carikan" 

Sorry Zahra..mommy memang tak sempat :(

We didn't throw any party but we were invited for birthday bash at the ex-babysitter's. There is another kid that shares the same birthdate so macam double celebration la. 

She was sooo happy, get to see all her old friends. They've been running, naik tingkat 8 turun balik tingkat 7. I can see how much fun she had, time ni she still not adjusting well at the new school and has no new friend.

Another small celebration, not her birthday though, it was a luncheon and we bring a homemade cake (which is a bit burned) and let her blow the candle hehe

I don't know how to tell her about the cake...but I think she understands that there is no party this year. She got a few nice present though from relatives..mommy and daddy didn't give anything hehehe. Again, I don't think it's necessary sebab dia dah banyak gila kot toys! Macam spoilt pulak. All she need now is time with her mommy. So I'll try my best to spend as much as quality time with her.

So what she's up to at 4 (dah lama tak tulis perkembangan macam ni hehe). Well, I'll say she's kinda mature for her age. Speaks well and has empathy. She understands all my emotions even though when I tried to hide it, like when I am so angry and I just answer "hmmm" she will say "mommy jangan la marah", then I said, "mana marah?" and she will point out, "tu mommy cakam hmm macam tu"

Quite opinionated. Will tell me what she feels/thinks and firm about what she wants. But in some situation, I still can reason with her, provided I get to answer all her questions. Like is she wants something and I said no, i must give a solid reason why she can't have that.

Love craft related activity especially drawing. Ahhh I forgot the snap her drawings..quite well I'll say.

Love acting with her own dialogue and making faces. Love being a princess and like to wear tutus. Most of the dress mesti ada simple tulle for daily wear.

Hate vegetables but still loves broccoli. Pretty much a fussy eater but her appetite getting better these days, after she goes to school.

Potty trained but I still let her wear diaper during the night because I'm lazy to train her, but most of the nights she keeps it dry, unless she was very tired.

And the biggest achievement recently is, she's already making friends at school! I'm sooo happy for her. This is a crucial and big adjustment in her childhood that part of me want her to stay at the babysitter's forever but she has to face this.. changing and being flexible. It took her sometimes but she's making a progress so Alhamdulillah.

I didn't know about her friends until she keeps on mentioning few names and I was thinking, ok, maybe that's a few yg nice towards her..then 2 days ago, we were packing up goodies bag for relatives for coming CNY when she said;

"Mommy, Zahra nak dua boleh? Zahra nak bagi dekat Yasmina and Falihah"

I swear I almost cry little princess is not so little anymore. She manages to make friends, she understand the feeling of adoring other people and the value of being nice to people she likes.

Happy 4th birthday sayang. Mommy loves you so much. That you have no idea :)

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