Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Another Yee Sang session

Happy CNY everyone!! How's urs? We went back to Terengganu as we have engagement ceremony. Thus, this will be my first time not celebrating CNY after married. We spent CNY at salak south every year previously...and we have lion dance show coming to the house every year, and guess what, kebetulan tahun ni takde lion dance okkk! In a way I was relieved...because I don't have to miss the fun haha.

Ok, anyway, we had another yeesang party, luncheon this time just before we went back to Terengganu, at One World Hotel, same place we had in 2012. It's kind a revisited but with different menus. And much older participants haha. Oh ya, last time only us and my PIL kalau tak salah, but this year my MIL invited Auntie Tim and Auntie Lala there were 10 of us (including the kiddos).

The table setting. With bottomless Pu Er tea.

Zahra got her present from Auntie Lala! Her much awaiting baby doll. Well, she's been asking for a baby doll from me since months ago and I keep on holding it because she already has 2 baby dolls but according to her it's not the same because one has rambut pacak (a brunette that he hair stick up) and one has rambut gulung-gulung (a blonde with curls). She wants a real baby with pacifier and milk bottle. I didn't plan to buy it because I feel that will spoil her but then she break the wish to auntie Lala and her wish is granted :-/

And she's lovin it each minute. She's been playing with the doll throughout the lunch.

Emir is not left out..he got a Belle from Thomas and Friends range. Also his most awaited toy! He loves train (especially Thomas & Friends) so much but MrComot bought the cheapo RM7 train which won't move and my sister bought him a good train set completed with tracks, lights, smoke coming out and whatnot, but too bad the train is a bit flimsy and he broke some parts. We glued them back but it's not the same. This one is from Fischer Price and betul lah org cakap original stuff tahan lasak, this train is banged from various places but stay true to itself. The motor pun kuat. We plan to buy sikit-sikit the set for him..adding to the collection :D

Ok let's go to the food. We had the salmon yeesang and other Chinese food is ordered by my MIL.

Yeesang with salmon and the yummilicious plum sauce. The waiter is from Nepal (well..hotel pun dah pakai non-local) and he is trained to speak Chinese even though I doubt he understands it. So for each ingredient that he mixes, he will say something and the funny thing is, I ask my MIL what that means and MIL said she also don't understand..because he just belasah cakap LOL. I think the pronunciation is not accurate..certain phrase my MIL got it.

Tossing to the all good stuff in life

Compulsory vege - HK choy sum, stir fry with garlic style.

I-have-no-idea what is this..combination of foo chuk, fishball, mushroom and another choy sum.

Their special fishball, also forgot its name.

Chinese style beef steak. It bit tough.

Duck and chicken with jellyfish at the middle. The jellyfish is spicy! Anyway I love last time when we had the duck..but this time the duck is a bit tough and dry. So disappointing :(

Random salad I had from the plate and when Zahra saw this she laughs and said "Mommy ni macam Sepi la". Apparently Sepi is a cow character in Upin Ipin, who loves to eat vege, or grass I guess :-/

Emir is so excited with his new train. This is the first time he sits throughout the lunch which lasted for almost two-hours! A history breaker!

Random deco in the room. A glass/crystal chandelier.

Zahra and her doll. The baby doll comes together with a bag-pack which she can wear the baby back-carry style. The set also has 3 extra clothes for the baby to change. Suka la budak tu.

Random pose of her in fluffiest tutu! And softest too! Also a present from Auntie Lala. Haishh budak2 sekarang bertuah betul. 

The food as in overall is quite plain to me..but it was a very lovely luncheon as we get to gather and I enjoyed the company very much. Ahh..this reminds me to do the Thank You card for all the gifts.

Again, Happy Chinese New Year everyone. This year is horsey year! Well, I'm not a fan of horse, just for a record of this blog hehe.

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  1. Hai :)
    i love to read ur blog. zahra is so beautiful and i'm sure she's gonna grow up to be a beautiful lady. and i love emir's cheekiness too. i hope this comment could light up ur day :)