Wednesday, March 14, 2012

YeeSang @ One World Hotel

Ok, this going to be last entry about our CNY celebration this year.

After the disappointing CNY dinner, my MIL decided to have another yee sang session and she chose Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant, One World Hotel, One Utama because it's nearby and easier for us (with 2 kids now).

We went there for lunch and it is a cozy fine place. They provide baby chair and the gap between tables are spacious, make it easier for us to bring in the stroller.

My MIL mentioned a seat for toddler in her booking and they put special plate for Zahra - Dora the Explorer plate, complete with bowl!

She was so excited when she saw the plate and refused to eat in it, boleh? So she ends up using my plate and her Dora left as decoration in front of her haha.

Emir refused to be in the stroller, maybe he was excited as well, with the new environment. I had to eat while carrying him most of the time. Please forgive my senget benget tudung. Semua Emir punya pasal ok. He loves to grab my tudung, my hair, everything.

There are 4 type of Yee Sang and we chose the Yee Sang with Seaweed and Assorted Fresh Fruit and it is so yummy that I finished quite a big portion of it. Too bad I didn't snap the Yee Sang tossing pic, was busy holding Emir that time.

My table setting. They serve Pu Er tea and it is priced at RM10 per cup! But free flow la. The Pu Er tea is said one of the purest tea, not too 'hot' or too 'cold' and the price varies depending the the grades. But this one I don't know la what grade :P

Roast chicken and roast duck with spicy jellyfish. The roast duck is so yummy that I prefer it against the roast chicken! One of the yummiest duck I've had in a while. But the jellyfish is too sour and spicy for my stomach (and for others too I think) and we unable to finish it.

Stir fry ostrich meat! My first time eating ostrich. It is lean with clean taste. No beefy or gamey smell, or whatever smell for meat.

Fish dish, forgot the name but it's basically battered fish fillet with simple stir fry. Also yummy! Zahra had a lot of this.

One of their specialty. Tofu-something. It's not normal tofu, it's stuffed or made with some mixture, maybe chicken. But it's so niceeeee. Semua org makan bahagi dua, I had 1 1/2 sorang-sorang hehehe...

Vegetable dish. Not my favourite. Biasa-biasa je. I prefer plain vege.

Overall the food is good and satisfying but MrComot complained to me that he has a headache after that. He suspect there must be MSG inside, but I didn't have any of the MSG symptom - parched or headache, so I don't really think it's the food. Maybe combination of some things.

Sorry can't resist to post this one even though I am so comot! The tudung gets more senget than ever and rambut siap keluar2 *sigh*. Anyway, it's a memorable moment of me breastfeeding Emir in public. I've become an expert nursing in public nowadays, tak malu-malu dah, as long as I'm covered, here you go little one! I no longer wait for him to cry and run to the nursing room. Anyway, can you believe Emir fell asleep underneath the cover. MrComot pun so sporting, tanak Emir lapar katanya hahaha. Kalau dengar Emir nak start cry, cepat2 pakaikan I the nursing cover.

And 3 of us! I bought the baby sling from Mamapatch (remember when I was soo itchy to buy one but Emir tak ada lagi time tu, I bought finally! and the exact one that I want.. hehe), in front of the hotel lobby's CNY decoration.

I just discovered that this hotel is connected right to One Utama like, memang sebelah menyebelah! I always thought we have to walk quite far to reach its wing. Tapi tak payah rupanya... Masuk je OU we saw Garret Popcorn and Candilicous! Oh noooooo! I feel like in wonderland. We wandered around for a moment only as the kids are due to afternoon nap. Another thing is, we just have one stroller that time and I macam malas nak wearing Emir lama-lama hehe. Now dah ada 2 stroller and 2 carseat! So insyAllah panjang langkah sikit :)

So yeah, that's the total update about our CNY celebration. Zahra still remembers about it and sometimes she will sing Gong Xi Fa Cai song..but do you know how she sings it?

"ci gong ci gong ci gong yeah"


  1. salam,

    baby sling tu ok tak? nak beli tapi kami ada beg carrier tu. mana lagi best?

    baby nursing cover tu tak panas ke? takut anak berpeluh-peluh minum dalam tu? takut jugak me tak tahan panas... mana beli?

    orang tua-tua kata kan, makan sambil pangku anak tak elok... tak ingat plak sbb apa... tapi pk logik depa takut makanan jatuh/tumpah kat anak jer...

  2. anak teruna u handsome la mommy. wink!wink!

  3. Tatty,
    1) Sling tu OK, senang, boleh pakai sampai dia 14kg (different position wearing) and kalau terer boleh BF sambil sling. Me tak pernah ada beg carrier so tatau mcm mana. Beg carrier mcm babybjorn tu ke? Yg tu lagi senang actually..tapi 7-8 bulan baru boleh pakai kan. But, sling ni, kalau baby tak duduk diam susah jugak. Mcm Emir skrg ni dia suka lonjak2, so mcm nak terjatuh sikit hehe. Depends on his mood la. Kalau dia tenang je, pernah tertido inside (me buat tummy-to-tummy). Better you tengok kat youtube dulu mcm mana nak pakai, senang ke tak, and try kat kedai before beli.

    2) To me...PANAS! Haha. Tak kisah la cotton ke apa ke. And both my babies tak suka sangat menyusu dalam tu. But sometimes if he is too sleepy and hungry, mmg perlu la cover tu. Senang sikit. And if you makan kat tempat yg ok, boleh pilih tempat sorok2 utk menyusu. So tak payah rush ke nursing room. Walaupun dia tak puas, but at least hilang dahaga, so boleh jalan2 aman sikit :) Me beli kat parkson dulu, mahal ok..RM79. Online pun byk jual, and cheaper. Kat fabulous mom pun ada and cheaper. Me beli brand apa ntah.. walaupun mahal me beli sebab ntah..hormon nak beli sangat sangat sangat time tu (tgh pregnant zahra :P)

    Oh ye ke tak elok makan pangku anak? Hmm hopefully nothing bad la. But yeah, susah nak makan, ada jugak yg terjatuh atas kepala dia hehe sorry emir!

  4. Lin,
    Tenkiuu mwah mwah ahaha. Semoga hensem sampai ke besar and hensem akhlaknya jugak *wink*

  5. assalamualaikum...

    ur kids are so adorable... :)

    nak tanya sikit... how do we know if the Chenise restaurant in KL is Halal? I meant as really certified Halal?

  6. Hi Lina,

    Kalau certified halal, susah nak cari.. Normally they will show it in their website or at the shop ada letak logo Halal JAKIM. But tak banyak restaurant has that because they can't get the cert if they serve alcoholic beverages.

    Normally I'll google out about the restaurant first and steer away from pork/porcine and dish with alcohol.

    For this chinese restaurant, it's tagged in as halal.

    Another way I always use is to call or email them for further enquiry.

  7. i see... RM79 mmg agak mahal...
    lebih kurang harga carrier Ewan kami beli dulu. yang kami beli tatau jenama apa, azwan pilih me bayar jer.

    me lagi prefer nyusu tader cover, selak jer. hahhahaha (tak malu!) bila pakai corset, selak tak nampak sgt. paling-paling pun tutup pakai small towel.

    oh, your ikea tower tu tertinggal kat rumah kami ni... dah basuh tapi tatau bila nak pulang balik. hehehhe...

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