Friday, January 24, 2014

Cebu - The Journey Begins

This is a very long due entry. I was thinking to skip this story but it is too good to pass. This is my first outstation work, and first time away from the children. The best part is, it was in Cebu, Philippines! Place I never dream or plan to go. It was a very interesting work, or trip I'll say =)

Anyway, it was in January 2013. I know it's stale, but since it's not everyday story, do me a favor and hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoyed the journey ;)

I went there with couples of teammate for a training and it's a 5 days trip. Five days may sound too short for a normal vacation but for a mom with 2 small kids, this will be my longest trip ever! And I was still breastfeeding Emir that time. I was so nervous about it, about how the kids going to be without their mom, how are they going to sleep, how Emir going to drink the milk, you know..petty stuff..but kinda important to me. I wonder how my husband going to do it without me (but he DID it! My superman ;)). Anyway, my mom did a favor and came down to my place to lend a hand and keep an eye of the kids. Thank you mommy!!

MrComot sent me to the airport and decided to bring Zahra. 

We left Emir at home with my mom after lotsa milk and kisses and hugs (and he was asleep when I left). Sobs.

My boarding pass. We took Cebu Pacific Air from KLIA to Manila for a brief transit and the took the interconnect flight from Manila to Cebu, using Cebu Pacific Air as well. 

In KLIA. Charging hub. All plugs are taken.

It's midnight and not so many flyers

Another scene in the airport

Our flight ;)
I was sooo excited and nervous at the same time. I know I'm going to miss my family so much (especially the kids) but I can't wait to have this short break too.

Manila airport (Ninoy Aquino International Airport)

And ISO 9001 certified
We reached around 5AM and get ready for Subuh (Fajr) prayer. Philippines main religion is Christian and I'm quite surprised to see that their airport facilitate this.

A proper prayer room for us. Most international airport (in non-Muslim) country just have universal prayer room.

Had a hearty breakfast before we board to Cebu. Coffee Philippines style, it is black sans sugar, with condensed milk for you to opt.

Soft boiled egg with pepper and soy sauce, and toast with peanut butter. The bread is thick and slightly heavier but it's yummy nevertheless.

Cebu Pacific Air to Cebu is FUN! After we flew on the sky, the stewardess will play some game like guessing game with simple questions, related to Cebu Pacific Air and Cebu itself, where you can get the answer from the flyers and pamphlet at your seat. It's so easy that anyone knows the answer I guess, because I know! Hehe! Too bad I am too shy and the other boarders are very sporting, they raise their hand in jiffy! Baru terfikir-fikir nak angkat tangan, orang lain dah jawab dulu :P Anyone that answer it correctly get the flight's gift like the CPA soft toys, their t-shirt, etc. So fun right!

Compulsory shot. The earth view ;)

Safely arrived! It's about 2hrs journey from Manila to Cebu.

And I took a picture with one of the friendly airport policeman.

Road view in Cebu. This is their main transportation - Jeepneys. It's a word combo from Jeep + knees because it's so packed that you knee will touch other's.

Another one. Most of the shops still close because it is early in the morning

Random man selling balloons. 

Ok next journey will be up soon!

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