Friday, January 17, 2014

First Yeesang in 2014

Salmon Yeesang. Tossing to all good stuff to fill your 2014 :)

My MIL invited us for yeesang session last weekend at SouthSea Seafood Restaurant. This is our first yeesang session this year (we normally have multiple sessions) and SouthSea was always be my favourite. Well, WAS. The food wasn't like is used to be and not really satisfying. There are a few hits, but mostly miss.

But it doesn't matter really, the companion that counts right?

This year is Horse year

Zahra being cheeky. I asked her to pose and she did this.

Emir with Mommy. Kesian bawah mata dia luka..he got it at school. Biasala kids..thank God it missed the eye.

Clams in garlic and chili padi. Use to be my favourite but it was bland that night. Tak pedas langsung and rasa ginger je banyak :(

Typical chinese style vegetable, cook it plain with garlic hehehe. I find it rather funny because Malay style punya sayur so fancy and penuh cili right..lololol..but yeah, it's healthier to eat this way. Love your stomach pls!

Butter prawn. Different style than last year too. No egg floss :(

Kung Pao chicken. So-so only. 

Yam basket! One of my fav! 

Lotus paste pancake for dessert. It's not that sweet and the pastry is crunchy and flaky. Highly recommended! 

Overall, it's an okay dinner. I forgot to check the bills, but I wonder if it's worth it because when I see the price tag at seafood display at the aquarium, the price has hiked up so much!

Anyway, we won't be able to celebrate CNY this year because I'm going back to Terengganu for a bigger event. Am going to miss the lion dance but can't wait for my baby sister getting engaged! :D

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