Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kids Handmade Wrapper

This is Jun 2013 activity.

The story starts like this, I had a wedding to attend on the weekend, and I bought the present already, but didn't have any wrapper in hands. 

And that time, I was all out doing sort of craft activities. Wow me! Such a fun mom, need to kick the mojo back. So I was thinking to do handmade wrapping paper instead of start the car engine and drive all the way to nearest stationary shop, for 1-2 pieces of wrapping paper, that might not have nice design at all. 

We have a lot of oil paper in stock and so toilet paper roll. Yes, I keep all my toilet paper roll because I'm such a keeper. Normally MrComot will throw them away but I used to dig up the dustbin immediately after that and hid it in the kitchen drawer. I don't know why I did that. Pretty weird. I could have told him not to throw it.

Anyway I got this idea to let the kids do some stamping and turn it into wrapping paper, and they love it so much! It's the kiddos first time experimenting with water color and stamping technique so I just them went freestyle.

But Zahra keeps the rule. Emir can use only blue color and she gets the pink and purple. Princess!

It's a bit messy so I let them play on the tiles directly as it will be easier to clean later. I used old Buncho poster color that I have since I was form 3. Told ya I love to keep stuff, and they come to use after...years. LOL.

End result. The mix is a bit diluted and it took a whole night to air dry it.

The end result is pretty neat (I said so because I am the mom! Haha..but honestly, it's not a pretty wrapping paper =/) so I made a crepe paper flower in two tones for a pop, to divert the attention from that weird looking wrapping paper.

Honestly, I find it a bit weird to give wrap that wedding gift with oil paper even though it's decorated. After all, it's an amateur handmade stuff! But Zahra was so excited and keep on saying "Zahra nak bungkus hadiah kawan mommy!!" I just suck it up and hell yes, why not!

And she's so so so proud of it! I'm glad I have the gut (after having a looooong thought) to wrap it with it. It's such a big deal to her.

So the gift safely reached the newlywed and I hope they like the present, and don't mind the wrapper! Hahaha.'s handmade that you won't find it anywhere else and 100% with love! ;)

Ask her to strike a pose before we off the wedding. Cheeky princess! ;)

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