Monday, January 27, 2014

Cebu - Quest Hotel and Magellan & Lapu-Lapu Monument

Ok continuance from my Cebu visits. Oh forget to tell, Cebu is one of small Islands in Philippines and their main religion is Christian, about 99% in fact. You can read part I here.

We stayed in Quest Hotel and conference centre which is located smacked in the middle of Cebu town. There is a big shopping mall right opposite of the hotel - Ayala Mall and we can just walk there by crossing the street. Anyway, the street is a 2 ways with 4 lanes, so it's quite dangerous actually considering their traffic is craaazy (but somehow we manage to do it - they might mistaken us for locals hehe)

A 3-star hotel but it's neat.

Table decor

At lobby, while waiting to check in

Another view of the lobby

My room. Unshared.

The gift basket from the company. Cebu is well known for their homegrown mango.

The free tidbits - mineral water and their famous dried mango.

Normal stuff in the mini fridge. Chargeable.

The bathroom. Separate shower and toilet. No bathtub.

The sink and basic amenities. And yes, I brought my pump!

Which I religiously used, and dump in the sink. Because I am too lazy to pack it and freeze it. Too much hassle for me since there is no direct route to KL, need to take the interconnecting flight. Anyway I pump 2-3 times and dump everything. Looking back at this picture reminds me that Emir was heavily depended on me that time. Kesian dia :(

After freshen up, we wend for short tour to see Heritage of Cebu Monument at Chinese Street. That area is the first trading centre for Cebu.

Street view - their cab

Another view. The town looks kinda old right..remind me of Teluk Intan (Perak) and Besut (Terengganu) city.

The heritage of Cebu Monument, or Magellan & Lapu-Lapu Monument as the local calls it.

It's about the native - some big ass man (Lapu-lapu) killed Ferdinand Magellan (with his spear). Ferdinand is the one who conquers Cebu and the native is not satisfied. Then they fight in the water (in one of the river) and Lapu-Lapu is almost naked (hey! they are native) and Ferdinand man is wearing the kick-ass metal armor so they lost in the battle because they can't stand the water with that kind costume resistance. Something like that.

Statue of Ferdinand Magellan

The ships and some storyline

Another view from the statue
It was a very hot day so I barely can focus on the story hehe. Oh ya, their climate is more or less like us but they are cooler most of the time. Slightly cooler.

Next to it is the fire station.

Their yummilicious mango. I didn't have a knife so I asked the hotel to cut the mango for me. Juicy and sweet but I still prefer the Indian mango as it's more fragrance and sweeter.

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