Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fun under Terengganu's Sun

Ok so here is the recap on our last balik kampung event. We went back for a week, that's the longest holiday we ever had! The kids had so much fun, like so much much much! Maybe because we rarely balik kampung, plus the festive season, all my siblings also gather at home so they had a lot of activities, ramai orang nak melayan. Ok so these what have the kids been up to!  ;)

Watching grandpa kopek kelapa the first thing in the morning. It was around 10AM and still in pajama hahaha

Making bubur assyura. It's a sweet delicacies made of coconut milk and sugar, mixed with sweet potato, peanuts, jackfruit and other stuff. Some people also add corn and sago pearl.

Having fun with the penyapu. I was about to bathe him that he saw the sweeper and refused to go into the bathroom

"Atas ni pun kotor mommy!"

 Watching grandma grilling the fish traditional way. It's bawal percik by the way, NYUM!

 And I find it interesting that the fish is as big as her face

Making delicious pineapple tarts, which is truly delicious made by my sister, but I didn't bother to get the recipe, because I'm not rajin enough to remake it hehe..

Putting on everyone else's shoes

 And chase the cat with that over-sized shoes

Making fat satay from scratch

Experimenting with cheese tart and Zahra was very excited to draw on the surface..

Which turned to these

Played some sparkles

And made crazy shapes

Admiring cock from far, because it might cluck your feet.

 And visit its home. This is how reban ayam looks like, baby.

Picking up sand

Forcing the little brother to touch the thorny durian

Hogging the grandpa's car just because they can. I won't let them do this back at home.

Helping grandma making kuih melaka - sticky rice with palm sugar in the middle and coated with desiccated coconut.

 Mixing butter cake

Get a whole big chunk of icecream! "This is one of the fortunate days you know, because my momma always says no cold stuff or you will get a flu!"

Can you tell how much they had fun? And that was in normal days..not to mention that we had trips to beach, waterfall and relatives houses. The best of time is when we were in the car touring the village and pass by cows or goats, they will gawk and screaming "mommmmyyyyyyyyy dadddyyyyy ada moooooooooo". Emir tak boleh cakap lagi so dia buat sound "mooooooooo" kuat-kuat. Hahaha so funny.

Zahra been raving about balik kampung til now, even I missing the time we were there. I wish we can go back often but time will be the main constraint. Well, most of the leaves used for babysitter's off day and I have to consider MrComot's schedule as well. He's been very busy this year, but I hope we can give a break soon.

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