Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Handsome Boy Turns 2!

My handsome boy turns big two last weekend. We didn't plan anything special because MrComot was very busy and need to finish his work. Well, we actually did plan to invite some friends and family for small celebration over luncheon but we have to hold that thought as MrComot is truly busy..he's been working his ass off 2 weekends straight and throughout the nights already. We even had a fight about this last two weekend sebab I can't stand his stuck up face, with his laptop all the time hahaha. Geram betul. But we are through about this, so gotta support him for now.

Ok back to handsome boy...I didn't mind the celebration sangat pun sebab he's only two, not that he really understands it right. But since we are not going out last weekend and the kids are bored to bits, so I decided to bake a cake.

Zahra in action. She loves doing all the mixing stuff, and cracking the eggs of course.

Decorating it with sprinkle. Emir is stuffing himself with raisins haha

He doesn't really interested in baking, so he's back to what he does best - cleaning!

Cake made with love, out of boredom (hahaha still ada unsur-unsur tak puas hati tu)

Got few funny moments to tell.. after we blew the candles, zahra asked me

"Mommy, kenapa orang tak datang birthday Emir"

I was so touched that she thinks deeply about Emir's birthday. We threw a birthday bash for her earlier around January this year and had a handful of friends & families coming over, so she remembers.

I explain to her that I didn't invite my friends and that's why they didn't come.

Then later of the evening, she asked me again why nobody comes to Emir's birthday and made her own conclusion:

"Mommy..orang tak datang birthday Emir sebab kek Emir tak besar kan?"

I swear I almost roll laughing.

Zahra..Zahra, you are one funny kid. In a way I kinda kesian how come we didn't make any birthday party for Emir, sampai Zahra concern. Well..maybe later..

Anyway, nai-nai and yeh-yeh drop by on the afternoon to send some birthday presents (a playdoh set) and as usual, the sister will conquer everything as Emir seems not very interested with it. Instead we caught Emir doing this:

He refused to get out of the bathroom, so I let him play with the water longer and suddenly he went quiet which is not normal, so MrComot took a peep and saw this!

All he interested in is only sweeper, vacuum, mop and brush. So now I know what to buy as his birthday gift! =D

Oh ya, talking about my little prince, he's 2 already but still doesn't utter a word, even mommy and daddy! All he can say is "nak nak nak nak" and "ma ma ma ma ma", and sometimes simple "ooooohhh" and other baby sound. I don't know if I should be worry about this but as I did talked to some and they said it's normal for certain kids. And as I read, some kids mmg macam ni, I just need to encourage him talk more. Anyway, we are going to see his paed for next jab, so am going to ask about it.

As for other development, he is doing very well, in fact better than Zahra especially if involves with physical activities like climbing, jumping, etc.

I stopped pumping for him already so he is on formula now, but still 100% breastfed if at home with me. Tried to wean him but still unsuccessful. He refused formula when I am available so don't want to push it, will wean when he's ready.

Overall, a very cheeky but manja boy. Rarely cries (unlike Zahra whom likes to voice her emotion through crying hahaha) and like to be hold most of the time. But suka merajuk and kicking his feet on the ground to show dia punya tak puas hati. If I marah dia, he won't easily cry but will bend his body and throw himself. Haishhh..this one susah betul..ganas sangat, takut terlepas and hurt him.

Knock his head so many times already, cut here and there, benjol kiri kanan....memang sangat lain dengan Zahra.

Anyway, mommy loves you soooooo muchhhhhhhhh muchhh muchho muccchhhh! Grow up good and well ya sayang!

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