Thursday, October 24, 2013

We are 5!!

*image googled*

Just something random, our marriage turns 5 last 10th Oct!!! Thank you Allah..for all the happiness and blessings that you shower us. 5 years is definitely a long time but not long enough for you to  master your marriage. There are so many things I need to learn about. However, marriage definitely made me a better person. It's where I learn to be selfless. Life is not about me, me, me anymore right. Well, most of the time is all about me (thank you Mr Husband!) but yeah..marriage is a hardwork. The is no such thing you fall in love and happy ever after. You need to nurture it all the time. Then you'll be happy. InsyaAllah..trying my best here =D

We didn't make any celebration during last year's anniversary because both of us were extremely busy and I sharply remember that we  made a pact in the car that we going to take annual leave and make something special for this year's anniversary. But oh well...this year pun busy jugak. In fact MrComot wasn't in town on our anniversary as he has meeting in another state. So there goes our pact *sobs* *sobs*. And after he came back pun takde celebrate mana-mana sebab both dah start busy that time. But it doesn't matter really..maybe next year! ;)

Anyway, I ordered this shoes from ebay UK about 3 weeks before and been checking the mailbox a week before the anniversary date and was 'ready' to accept the fact that my parcel is missing, because international parcel is not traceable when it reaches Malaysia. But Mr Postman decided to hand me the parcel on my anniversary day!! How sweeeeeet is that? So I considered this is my anniversary gift untuk mengubat hati yg lara haha.

 All the way from Great Britain ;)

Freckle Face in Navy Nubuck ;) ;) ;)

I've been looking up and low for Freckle Face (it's an old design from Clarks so it's not in market anymore) and most the sites don't have my size. Then one day jumpa this one, it's like a miracle!

By the way, since MrComot is not around, I made a crazy thing that day. Skipped my lunch and went to SSM to register my own company....

Which is crazy because.... I don't have any product to sell!!! LOL.

Well, I have something in mind, of course related to crafts and handmade stuff. I have a lot of buttons ribbons fabrics that I keep on buying and mounting in the craft room, and was thinking to let it go. Well, I can just sell it without register a company right? I mean, takat jual 10 butang je, perlu ke nak company bagai hahaha... but 1010 means a lot to me. So if I want a registered company, I want it to have that date as the registration date! Ini semua POYO! Hahaha

Nevermind that.

Since I already have a company, I HAVE to sell something right. InsyaAllah..when I'm less busy and get to upload the pics, I'll announce my shop site ;)

I announced this move to my husband and he gave me a short and sharp reminder:

 "multimillion, but we won't rob from the people"

Yeah, I won't rob from the people! InsyaAllah. Semoga Allah pelihara my heart from all this thing. Business is not tend to be blinded by the money right. Cewahhh cakap banyak, barang pun takde nak jual haha.

Anyway, my shop is going to be a place where I share my passion in crafts. Sharing is caring. Robbing is not allowed!! =P


  1. congrats dah daftar company! hihi. ada byk benda boleh jual, u just need to feel it, if u feel it then surely u can sell it :)

  2. Thank you penol!! Can't believe I made this. You are one of my inspirasi you know ;)