Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Beach Bums

Ok last entry about balik kampung during last raya. Bercinta betul nak finish this entry..

Anyway what is balik to east coast kalau tak pegi pantai kan? Yes we went there but only on the last day we were in Terengganu and too bad that we only get to spend less than 1/2 hour as it started to rain after that. Sigh. Kesian the kids as derang baru nak warm up main pasir. 

This is one of my favourite public beach in Besut - Pantai Air Tawar. It is a long beach with fine white sand. It has one small fresh water lake that connected to the salt water beach. Somehow the water doesn't mix but I didn't dare to taste as the lake doesn't look that clean haha. But the beach is pretty clean for a public beach and do recommend this place as it has a long stretch which spread the crowd and you'll have ample space to claim it 'your space'. One of my pet peeves is when I go to a beach where I get to see others bum like a few centimeter away. Bukan menenang kan otak..but lagi serabut ada la =D

Anyway, below are some pictures before the heavy rain.

Found a stick and drawing something

Look at his hair. It was verrryyy windy 

Zahra is happy as she gets to touch the sand

Enjoying the ambiance. Can you see the dark cloud is racing towards her? 

Ok before I close this balik kampung/raya entry, few pics form our last raya!!

A little drama on baju raya though. It is last year's baju raya because I don't really have the time to think about it. My baju lagi la..it's my normal baju kurung that I wear to office, but since it matches the others, belasah je la. But last year was our first time spending Raya with 4 of us, so gigih ok last minit cari baju. Siap ambil annual leave, went to Jalan TAR naik LRT (wisma yakin) and sebab dah last minit susah nak cari 4 pairs of us. Kalau Zahra ada, Emir pulak takde. Last skali jumpa for 3 of them only at BAK so belasah je ambil and went to BAK Kota Damansara to find mine, only to know that they have different colors in each branch ^@&#@&%^#@. So end up I wear my normal attire la. Last year wore my normal brown dress from poplook, and this year we were extremely busy so just recycle last year's. Is still fits them well so why not and for a change, I wore baju kurung instead of the same dress. Well, I'm not really particular with new cloth but bila Raya dah dekat tu, mula la sentap takde matching satu family hehehe..

My hensem boy. Look at the haircut! He looks like a girl! Well, it's because mommy cuts it *cough* *cough*

Four of us! 

Penyapu dan Emir tak boleh dipisahkan. During raya pun sibuk nak menyapu and that's when other  people is around! 

And doze off kepenatan haha. This is a rare sight because he can't really sleep without latching on me. He must be very tired that day.

Ok this will be a closure to  my Raya aka balik kampung entries! We had so much much much fun!!! It's definitely a fresh change of air, because my kampung is very kampung one! With all the trees, cows, chicken and duck. Maybe I should write about my kampung next time..before it becomes town :(

Ohh crap! I miss my hometown so much! And my mom and dad! Sigh..

Have a good day everyone!

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