Friday, October 4, 2013

Cooling Session @ Lata Belatan

A special separate entrance about this place that we went during last balik kampung, Lata Belatan :)

Ohhh ohhhh... how I adore this place. It's well known for its beautiful cascading waterfalls. I've been here long time ago..before having the it is like almost 5 years ago! I'm not a waterfall girl (I always prefer the beaches) but this place is serene and not overly crowded. The water is very clear and clean, and of course is cold. So I decided to bring the kids there.

The entrance

There is entrance fee imposed, RM5 per entry per person if I'm not mistaken (and lesser for kids) but since we were there around 5PM and they are about to close in another 1 hour, we just paid RM5 for a bunch 7 of us. Semua atas budi bicara, maybe the guards tengok..alaa kesiannya, masuk je la haha.

Some crowds

This is at the bottom of the waterfalls. It's more like a river actually. If you fancy the splashing waterfall, you can climb higher.

Some sides got slides.

And very shallow, you don't have to worry about your kids.

Zahra having fun

Emir with mommy. Surprisingly, my hensem boy who loves water was afraid with the place that day (and keep on making that masam face). Maybe he was intimidated by the crowd and such big "pool".

But my eldest one enjoying it sooo much.Too bad it was almost dark so we have to spend there shortly. 

Funny thing happen though. The first thing Zahra said when I asked her to dip her feet into the water "Mommmy! Kena pakai shoes, banyak kuman!" girl sangat. But seriously, the water is very clear and clean that you won't worry such thing. And it's a flowing water, so actually you are enjoying fresh water all the time. It's definitely a very nice place to expose your kids to nature. If they are big enough, you can climb some path. How I wish we were there earlier and next time if we go there again, I'm going to bring my swimsuit and go wild with the kids!

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