Monday, October 21, 2013

Persuasive Princess

I had this fun conversation with Zahra couple of nights ago, in the car on the way back home from work.

She asked me to choose between Dora's house or Barbie's house, and by choosing means, I HAVE to pick Dora's because Barbie's is hers by default =D

But I'd like to play with her a little bit to see her reaction. Zahra asked:

"Ok, mommy nak rumah Dora ke rumah Barbie?"

"Mommy nak rumah Barbie"

"Mommy amik rumah Dora. Rumah Dora cantik"

"Mommy nak rumah Barbie jugak"

"Rumah Dora color pink"

"Mommy  nak rumah Barbie jugak"

"Rumah Dora best"

"Mommy  nak rumah Barbie jugak"

"Mommy amik Dora. Dora princess."

"Mommy  nak rumah Barbie jugak"

"Ok..mommy amik Dora. Dora barbie"

Up to this point, i lost it and burst into laugh. Nak jugak I take the Dora and declares Dora as barbie hahaha.

"Ok..Dora barbie? Mommy nak lah!"

In the end I hugged her tight gave her the winning trophy. Such a funny girl!


  1. Hehehehehe...Aydin pun cmm tulah Aan. Die suh kite pilih tp at the end, kuasa veto kat tgn die gak walau gune cara halus. Heheheheh!